Friday, 21 December 2012

A special couple of days

Recently Brid and I were in Melbourne to see Mr Rider- our Ballet teacher. He played several roles in Sleeping Beauty - the Ballet.
The call went out to Australian Conservatoire of Ballet members and some selected international guests some months ago. Several grades of Ballet students were given the opportunity to perform in this production.
Brid had worked hard academically and with her fine arts -Ballet and Piano, all year so a little treat was in order.
We flew down and easily negotiated the way to our hotel with the use of the skybus.
We had just enough time to dress into our best dresses and head for the Melbourne Arts Centre.
Our hotel was rather close, so this made dinner on the way rather easy.
We waited a while for the show to begin, beacause I had though it was 7pm start. But it was a 7.30pm start.
We arranged to meet Miss Kristy- Rider wife and a most beautiful dancer. She was seeing the ballet alone so it was nice to meet up with her in between each Act and chat.
We were taken to our seats. Row C. WOW is all we could say...The best seats. We were 3 metres from the stage and as the seats wrapped aroud the front of the stage, they were front row.
It was the most amazing costuming I had ever seen in a Ballet and being that close, we saw every detail. The highlight for brid was when Mr Rider came out for the encore, he winked at Brid. It was a very special moment.
Brid was invited backstage to meet a few cast members. That was exciting.
Mr Rider just looked like he belonged on the stage. He just shone. He played the best Puss In Boots.
So Cheeky.

 The next day after a very late night and after a lovely Breakfast we headed along Southbank and into a popular Ballet chain. We spend an hour or 2 looking, trying items on and chatting to the sales staff and a few girls who looked like they may have been in the Ballet. Of course Brid asked them.

So hear are a few photos of Brids treat -and of course it was my treat too...
Waiting before the Ballet

Brid and Miss Kristy. waiting to see the Ballet

Brid and Mr Rider in front of the aussie ballet box for some props.

After a morning shopping at the Ballet Shop. Brid in front of the poster advertising the Ballet at the Arts Centre.


Thursday, 1 November 2012


Brids costume for her dance to Titanic

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Modesty and virtues

A few weeks back  Brid attended a Catholic teen girls retreat in Sydney run by the Religious Sisters of Mercy, USA, along with 17 others teens, ranging from age from 13 to 17.
Brid attended the retreat last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. She enjoyed the Faith, the Friendship and fun.
This year we weren't too sure if she would make it, as it was being run 5 days after we returned from our overseas trip.We prepared her for this and said if its Gods will, it will be done.
Anyway, I contacted the Mum organising the retreat, saying we couldn't get her there. To my total surprise within hours this Mum had organised a lift for Brid, a bed at a trusted friends home before the retreat. I knew it was Gods will, so we said Yes.
Now this in itself was HUGE for me. My baby girl going away for 4 nights without one of us. We entrusted her to Gods' care and she was away to enjoy her retreat.

This years was all about friendship.
Beautiful theme and very timely in Brids' life.

While she was away she took a book called Fashioned by Faith. Great read. Very enlightening for her. I posted about it previously here . I believe every house should have a copy of this book.
Another girl had a book called Dressing with Dignity which I had read many years ago. She mentioned this to us as we were chatting after she got home safely, and asked did I have it.
"Yes I do"
I found it on the book shelf and gave it to her.
She absorbed herself in it. She said " Excellent book, everyone should read it".
It was like music to my soul to be able to share these books with Brid. Its lovely that her friend where reading them as well. she left our copy of Fashioned by Faith with the family she was staying with, as she was keen to read it.
So its quite interesting that these books will do the rounds of young teens and experiences shared. Brid has lent her  All things Girls series to amother friends to read  through.
Its such a Blessing that these girls consider there modesty and there dignity to be so important. They live it, breath it and share it. The saint that comes to mind is St Maria Goretti. St Maria Goretti Pray for these young girls.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Little Pleasures

A few weeks ago I heard one of my favourite songs from original Evita the Soundtrack, with Julie Covington, as Eva.
I was in my Saturday Morning ballet class and our teacher was playing through a famous musical soundtracks collection, especially for ballet class. Anyway, I heard this tune and immediately recognised it. "High Flying, Adored".
I couldn't get it out of my head.
When we got home, I searched for the stylus to our Turntable..!!! It wasn't anywhere to be seen. I really wanted to Play this soundtrack, the new one with Madonna, just doesn't do the musical justice.
There was several other Vinyl records I was bursting to play as well.
We fixed the Turntable situation by purchasing a new one. It was easier than sourcing a stylus that may not be compatible with our old turntable..... and I was a teenager again playing all my records and enjoying the lovely quality that a record produces, opposed to CDs.

So, I owe my Ballet teacher totally responsible for this extravagent outburst. We told him last lesson and he was totally oblivious to the fiasco that his soundtrack collection created. It has been fun teaching Brid the art of the 'record player' and its delicacy. She has embraced it and has been playing all types of our old LP's.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Magnificat.......

Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady....

Luke 1:46-55

Mary's Song of Praise: The Magnificat

46 And Mary said,

“My soul magnifies the Lord,
47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
48 for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.
For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed;
49 for he who is mighty has done great things for me,
and holy is his name.
50 And his mercy is for those who fear him
from generation to generation.
51 He has shown strength with his arm;
he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts;
52 he has brought down the mighty from their thrones
and exalted those of humble estate;
53 he has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich he has sent away empty.
54 He has helped his servant Israel,
in remembrance of his mercy,
55 as he spoke to our fathers,
to Abraham and to his offspring forever.”

Monday, 6 August 2012

Its so quite.....but WHY

It's pretty quite around here this week..
WHY you may ask???
Dermot is away. He was asked to go Skiing with a friend.
I encouraged him to go. I thought He would enjoy a week away, particularly in Male company.
I am so pleased he took our friend up on the offer.
Saturday, saw him preparing for his Trip. He chopped lots of wood for our fire. Ranging from very small kindling to much bigger pieces.
I helped him pack and shop for a few little treats.
Yesterday at 6.45 saw me wave off Dermot to catch his lift to the snow.
Dermot has never been to our Aussie snow before. He has always hesitated to take us as a family, as we know it quite expensive.
I took the 3 of out children to the snow when they were younger. We kept our costs down and had a wonderful time.
I am really Praying that Dermot not only has a great time but enjoys the companionship.

 Brid and I are here by ourselves, Brid steadily moving through her assigned workload. Me, answering the phones and keeping messages as needed for Dermot.

Getting back to the quite. It was odd not having Dermot here on a Sunday, We went off to Mass last night and that was odd too. Dermot is always beside me, healways hold my hand and we receive Holy Eucharist together. Brid normally sits with the choir, but last night we sat together.

We ourselves don't have any big plans just our normal everyday things.

Dermot called today. " I am off to learn how to fall with Grace". I had to laugh. Its been a long time since he was on skis. ( And then it was in the Swiss Alps- I tried to prepare him that the Australian Alps are totally different).

So its hot water bottles and extra blankes for me this week?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I was admiring a lovely tray that my Mum has when I was visiting last.  It was an oval shape with proteas covered by glass. It had rattan wound around the sides to make the sides and the handles. I did remember it being at my Nannas’ place and  overlooking it as a child. But there was something about it I liked very much.
I pressed Mum for where it was from. “Was it Nannas?” I queried.  I learnt that not only was it not Nannas but it was my Great Great Grandmothers –Ma Cross as we call her. “wow”. I was taken aback.  
I asked where she normally stores it. Mum replied it is normally downstairs. It’s an area that I don’t often go into it, as the door is shut. As I haven’t lived at home for 25 years I just don’t venture there.
So at this moment she had no real spot for it. I began suggesting spots to put it but nowhere I suggested was appropriate for various reasons.
I mentioned in passing that I needed to replace my present tray, as mine was coming apart at the corners.  It has become quite unsteady if used as a breakfast bed tray.
I thought no more about my comment and just admired the tray  as the antique it was.  
I put the kettle on for a cuppa with Mum and she said, “You can have it if you like?”
“Oh no Mum you hold onto it”.
She insisted and all of a sudden I was given this tray. The only stipulation. “It must stay in the family, so make sure the girls know that”.
When I got home, I was stumped. Where to put it. Yes it was hard decision to make, because it is quite big. I thought it would fit above my microwave, but alas it was too wide.
So I positioned it on my kitchen table with our fruit on it. So it is being used every day.  I can take the fruit off it when I need it. I will probably find a more suitable spot for it but for now it works well.

Whenever, I look at it, it reminds me of my Nanna her Mum Nanna Brogan and her Mum Ma Cross.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Pointe step

It was with great excitement that we left the house today on our way to the ballet store.. We eagerly dresses and hurried through our daily chores. Brid needed to have her toe nails cut very short and  wear comfortable clothing. Brid chose her dance pants.
Brid has been waiting on this day for some time..Dreaming and wondering what it would be like..
We were heading to the town to pick up our gorgeous Ballet teacher as she was keen to oversee Brids Pointe shoe fitting.
On route we received a call, 'I have locked myself out of the house..' this meant Miss Kristy was unable to come with us. I said to Brid, "Let's pray".  If God wanted her to come with us he will make it happen. Within 5 minutes we got a call- She could come with us... I was quite pleased, as this isn't just a pair of Ballet slippers, these are Pointes. I needed help and from  a trusted teacher, who has Brids best interest in hand..
We arrived at the store, my heart thumping, so I can imagine Brids excitement. We were called over and the fitting began. Firstly, Brid was asked to do a few Ballet feet positions and then each foot was drawn and measured and the length and width taken..
The shelves were being searched for a small size, a narrow foot. At last the moment, Grishko was the first to be tried, Russian pointe was next, then Mindens.
It was around about that time, that I realised Brids' foot was so tiny. These tiny shoes were being put onto her feet, and they were fitting..
Her Teacher and the fitter were talking terminology I was unfamiliar with. I was totally dependant on them and their expertise. Brid was to tell them how her feet felt in each shoe and this determined it being correct, or not, for her feet. 
She stood in second in a grand plie in each shoe and this was were it was noted how the foot felt on her. Was she cramped or was there too much room. Then she walked to the Barre', was asked to rise first on one foot then the both. My heart jumped, she looked so grown up.
All those Demi pointe classes, all those extra stretch lessons to gain her strength in her legs, back and her feet.
The decision was made and the Russian pointe was the one chosen.
I know God was with us in this fitting because as soon as she tried the Russian ones on, I got this sense, these were the ones, but as I knew nothing about this area I said nothing. 
The fitting was written up and the fitter explained several things to me,she drew were the ribbons and elastic was to go and in general was very helpful.
Our dear friends came along as well, and it was Chantelle who piped up, giving advice to Brid and helping her like a loving friend would do. Afterwards Chantelle gave Brid a card congratulating her on Her first Pointe shoes, so special, and so sweet.
It could not have been a more special day..Our friends, our teacher, all there for one reason to support and advice us on this important decision in Brids life, A ballet dancers life..  

Friday, 29 June 2012

Come over and look

The verdict....come over and see what the latest is...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

4 big reasons...why...

Lately, I have not been able to spend the time on  posting on my blog or commenting as much as I have in the past...I still read my blog lists, but seem to run out of time to comment...Sorry guys....There are many reasons for this...
1. I gave myself a Challenge several months ago now, to complete my chores before turning on the computer every day..This has been great as sometimes I just don't get to turn it on at all....This has given me amazing freedom...
2. I  created a chore list and a weekly fortnightly monthly- you get the idea chore list. This has certainly been very beneficial to our family..I now know exactly where I am up to in our household chores.
3. We leave early afternoon a few afternoons a week to attend Ballet class for Brid..therefore I am without internet may say, Why not connect to WiFi..Yes that would be easy, but seriously I am enjoying doing other craft and leisure activities whilst waiting in the Ballet foyer. I have been known to knit, sew, embroid, mend and replace ballet ribbons and make Brids Skirt - with a little help from a friend all in the foyer...
4. ...and the biggest one, is that  I have started adult Beginner Ballet classes. Its been loads of fun, I have learnt so much. I am understanding Ballet terminology and French. I am given position corrections by my ballet teachers, they care so much...
I have lost several kilos and most of all gained more flexibilty in a troublesome hip condition...I practice every chance I get. I am doing at least 1 class, if not 2 a week..
This week is open week At Ballet so I get to watch Brids Classes and she in turn gets to watch mine .The courtesy rules of open week is that she is to not interrupt or  talk during class.
Brid  has been a wonderful help for me. She is very encouraging and supportive, as is Dermot.
So I have made myself a new pledge, I will post once a week, hopefully Friday nights and comment on all those amazing blog posts I have seen lately...

As you can see our life is pretty full and we are all the better for our activities we are participating in....

Love Leanne xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Just not enough......

Well its been so long since I last posted on my Blog.. Its been so busy around here.
I must let you into a couple of secrets ....
Firstly, I have been following my Daily Weekly Fortnightly household chores list and its been amazing the difference..
As I said in my last post, I thought I was organised, but writing it down and following the list, gives immense freedom..I say to myself when I am about to clean an area not on todays list "thats not on todays list". I then move onto what is on the list. The only thing that is still not under control is the Office. I am working on it though.

Secondly, Brid has increased her hours for Ballet, so with her Jazz and Itish Dancing it keeps us pretty busy in the afternoons. Her teachers Miss Kristy & Mr Rider are very happy with her progress, and are learning her aspirations.

Last week I did some research into shelving for our laundry.It clearly needed organisation, but what will what to do? After careful consideration I asked Dermot to come with me to investigate my research. We purchased the rails, the bands and all that was necessary for giving our laundry more storage and effieciency. I purchased a drying rack and several shelves, just enough to get my baskets and washing up off the appliances. We have our resident cat, Bailey, using the laundry, so we are unable to put anything at floor level. He needs room for his bedding and food etc. He doesn't climb so high shelving and washing baskets are safe from cat fur.

We helped a dear friend move into her new  home. Her first ever home that she will own.. We are so pleased for her. It was exhausting, but lots of fun, and having moved just in the last few years we knew a few tricks to help out on moving day..such as strip one room at a time once the all the furniture is gone, so it can then be placed in the similar room at the next house. Hanging clothes can be put straight into the wardrobes saving on sorting later.
So thats been our happenings and Its been  very busy time of late.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

encouragement night

Our Last encouragement night saw some 9 or so women listening to a very organised homeschool mum discussing,  organising your household chores whilst homeschooling.
Wow, I was pretty impressed.
I thought I was organised.! I just hadn’t written it all down.
It took me a few days to take in all the information and process it all. I wasn’t sure how to go about this but I knew I could use this information.
I began drawing up my chores list. My zoned areas. How will I break it down. Hmmm.
You see I use Enjo and its pretty easy cleaning a home with it. No chemicals just a cloth and water...after 20  years of nursing in intensive areas my hands could do with a break...
So where did I start. I worked out the zones- mine are kitchen, laundry, lounge, family, bedrooms, bathrooms, office, outdoor. I am not going to be able to break these all up into individual days because for us Sundays are not work days.
Firstly, I looked at the jobs required daily for each zone. Then worked out the extras I wanted to achieve each week, fortnight, month, 3 months, 6 months and yearly.
Once I had it all on paper, it seemed really easy. I have drawn up my lists and placed them n my pantry. I used Saturday to do a complete houseclean and with enjo, it was pretty easy. The longest task was vacuuming.
Monday saw me enjo mop. Tuesday was my ironing day. I was meant to dust the lounge area but it was just attended to, so I began on some long term projects- wash main bedroom window and wash the curtains. Looking sparkling.
It has been quite freeing, as I had in the past kept all my records in my head- now they are laid out on paper and I can tick them off as I they are completed. I liked that Tuesday is my ironing day. No other extra job and it got done.
I have Brid do a job or two for me outside instead of sitting reading for her break. It has made a difference to her concentration level.  Dermot is helping out as well.
I have set myself a task do all my jobs before I sit down for a morning tea break with Brid. It certainly has given our home order.
So thanks Mel for your great tips and ideas. I was totally overwhelmed on the evening, but we have embraced a new order in our home.  

Monday, 23 April 2012

A Birthday Present...

Brid celebrates her birthday the day after mine, and it has always been said that she was my birthday present.
Each year Brid is Blessed to have a party to celebrating her Birthday...How indulgent you may say. I look at it differently, it’s an excuse to gather her family and friends around her and celebrate....I love figuring out what theme we should use every year. Its lots of fun planning and creating.  
Brid is Blessed to have a great group of teens to socialise with in her area.
So what did they get up to, you may ask? Well, inspired by a recent Body Shop party we attended, I suggested to Brid that we have a Pamper party.. Yes, that sounds fun.
The guest list was drawn up. The invitation were designed by Brid, The rsvp date  set and then the invites were send out.  A few friends were unable to come, but they were there in spirit.
The girls were gathered together and we began soaking feet, exfoliating and massaging with a gorgeous foot moisturiser. We moved onto hands where we soaked, exfoliated, massaged and then filed and painted their nails. There was lots of chatting and laughing, along with eating of yummy party food.
Brids sister, Louise popped in to join the party, it certainly made Brid’s day.
I thought several hours would be plenty of time for feet, nails, Hair and makeup. I was wrong; we could have another whole party with the activities we missed, buts that ok. Everyone got into the swing of things pampering each other and doing each other’s hair. The straightener, the Curler and the hair accessories were working overtime.

We barely had enough time to open the well thought out presents, sing Happy Birthday to Brid, cut and eat a slice of Cheesecake, before it was time for our guests to go.  
It was such a great afternoon, and a perfect way to spend your 14th Birthday. It was only topped off by family arriving for a family dinner, just as guests were leaving. Busy busy day, but it was lots of fun.  Phew,,now to recover...!!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A movie we just.......

Brid & I love watching girlie movies, particularly when Daddy is out. The last week we have been watching The Princess Diaries.
Yes I know they aren't period dramas, but they have such appeal. So much to talk about. A real feel good movie, and I love Julie Andrews. So does Brid.
There are so many funny things that happen, so many threads running through the movies.
Have a little look at these images...
discovering she is a Princess...

At school before her life changed forever


A princess waves like this

being presented to her country

A shawl would be nice, but its a lovely shot

She plays any role well

Another monumental moment

enough said

Truly transformed .......

An embarassing moment, and a saved moment all in one
she played a great Queen

Did she get married?
               I hope you enjoyed looking at these images of these movies we really enjoyed

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


On Sunday, 30th April, 2000, (the canonisation of Saint Faustina and Feast of Divine Mercy), Pope John Paul II announced to the world, "It is important that we accept the whole message that comes to us from the word of God on this Second Sunday of Easter (first Sunday after Easter), which from now on throughout the Church will be called 'Divine Mercy Sunday'." We are looking forward to celebrating this feast day this Sunday.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Marriage: it’s time to clear away the fog

Marriage: it’s time to clear away the fog |
Can a man marry a man? Can a woman marry a woman? Can a man simultaneously marry several women, or a woman several men? Can a man simultaneously marry several men, or a woman several women? Can a man marry his sister or his mother? His brother or his father? Can a woman marry her brother or father? Her sister or mother?
All of these questions are now on the table in our culture. They cannot be properly answered unless we know what marriage is. As Catholics, we have an incredibly rich body of teaching to draw from in order to understand the meaning and purpose of marriage. Let’s begin with a basic definition drawn from Canon Law and the Second Vatican Council. Then we’ll look at each of its parts.
Marriage is the intimate, exclusive, indissoluble communion of life and love entered by man and woman at the design of the Creator for the purpose of their own good and the procreation and education of children; this covenant between baptised persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament.
Intimate communion of life and love: Marriage is the closest and most intimate of human friendships. It involves the sharing of the whole of a person’s life with his/her spouse. Marriage calls for a mutual self-surrender so intimate and complete that spouses – without losing their individuality – become “one”, not only in body, but in soul.
Exclusive communion of life and love: As a mutual gift of two persons to each other, this intimate union excludes such union with anyone else. It demands the total fidelity of the spouses. This exclusivity is essential for the good of the couple’s children as well.
Indissoluble communion of life and love: Husband and wife are not joined by passing emotion or mere erotic inclination which, selfishly pursued, fades quickly away. They are joined in authentic conjugal love by the firm and irrevocable act of their own will. Once their mutual consent has been consummated by genital intercourse, an unbreakable bond is established between the spouses. For the baptised, this bond is sealed by the Holy Spirit and becomes absolutely indissoluble. Thus, the Church does not so much teach that divorce is wrong, but that divorce is impossible, regardless of its civil implications.
Entered by man and woman: The complementarity of the sexes is essential to marriage. It’s not that two men (or two women) could marry, but the Church won’t “let them”. If we understand what marriage is, we will see very clearly that it is impossible for members of the same sex to marry.
At the design of the Creator: God is the author of marriage. He inscribed the call to marriage in our very being by creating us as male and female. We, therefore, are not able to change the nature and purposes of marriage.
For the purpose of their own good: “It is not good that the man should be alone” (Gen 2:18). Conversely, it’s for their own good, for their benefit, enrichment, and ultimately their salvation, that a man and woman join their lives in marriage.
Procreation and education of children: Children are not added on to marriage and conjugal love, but spring from the very heart of the spouses mutual self-giving, as its fruit and fulfilment. Intentional exclusion of children, then, contradicts the very nature and purpose of marriage.
Covenant: While marriage involves a legal contract, a covenant goes beyond the minimum rights and responsibilities guaranteed by a contract. A covenant calls the spouses to share in the free total, faithful, and fruitful love of God. For it is God who, in the image of his own Covenant with his people, joins the spouses in a more binding and sacred way than any human contract.
The dignity of a sacrament: Marriage between baptised persons is an efficacious sign of the union between Christ and the Church, and, as such, is a means of grace. That is, marriage – in as much as the union of man and woman truly symbolises Christ’s love for the Church – really communicates Christ’s love to the spouses and, through them, to the whole world.
We must find ways to respond charitably and forthrightly to the challenges posed by the modern move to redefine marriage.
Christopher West is a research fellow and faculty member of the Theology of the Body Institute in Exton, Pennsylvania and founder of the Cor Project. His latest book is called At the Heart of the Gospel: Reclaiming the Body for the New Evangelisation (Image, £9.57). For more information, visit

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Someones Birthday....

Today was the day our sweet young Louise entered the world and our lives were changed forever. We recently watched Videos of her as a baby. (We have been putting all our videos to DVD. )
She was the most well mannered child. She certainly was the boss with her siblings. I suppose this comes with being the eldest. We hope you enjoy a small snapshot of our gorgeous Louise.

Today she turns 24 and I still can't believe how time has flown. She has lit up our life and she continued to light up others lives.

Happy Birthday our sweet young lady. We love you so very much.

Monday, 5 March 2012

St Joseph

This month is the month dedicated to S Joseph.
There are some saints who just surround you, without realising it. Until you become aware of them.
St Joseph is one of these saints.
He has been quite a helper in our family recently. He helped us buy our  home we live in now. He led us to our new church and often I see him on the stain glass windows of a church and have a little giggle. He surrounds us everywhere.
Our new church, is St Josephs. He sits high above the alter. When we were discerning a new parish, we didn't realise that the church, we had attended several times, was named St Josephs'. We were just drawn there.
Recently Dermot bought me a St Joseph statue after many many hints. My last hint was a little like a sledge hammer. I send him an email with my wishlist on it. So our gorgeous statue arrived from Italy a few weeks ago. He sits on our family alter. I was hoping for one smaller than the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but it is not, and I will not complain.

You see when we walked into our new home, it has everything that we asked for and more. We prayed and said novenas for the right home.
I promised I would honour St Joseph and tell of this story to everyone, because there were two quite significant sticking points that were ironed out without a problem, during the buying process.
I know God is in control, but St Joseph certainly partitioned for us.
He is a good friend like many saints can be to us.
Brid has her favourite saint that chose her. The Queen of All Saints- Mother Mary, has lead me to her Son from a very young age. What saint has been significant in your life?
St Joseph is the patron of many things. A Happy death, the Universal Church, Fathers, Social Justice and of course Carpenters. He certainly had a big impact on Jesus in his formative years. He lead him and his mother to safety in there time of need and listened to God for direction.
I thank St Joseph everyday for guiding and partitioning for us. St Joseph Pray for us.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Dreams and Passions

Have you ever had a dream?
I have?
My hearts desire was to be a Nurse, to be married and be a Mum. After I registered as a Nurse-RN. I went overseas met my husband and we return home here to be married. I was fortunate enough to gain a full time position   on my arrival home.
It dawned on me one day, is this all there is to nursing....What have I done, this is not what I wanted. .   After our eldest was born, I knew my next desire. Be a full time Mum. No.. Its was to train and be a Midwife... when she was 10 months old I was accepted to the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Waratah, NSW. I was so excited but also apprehensive. Dermot was also completing his studies. Dermot had a full time student load and as Midwifery was a paid hospital based position in those days - before the system spoilt it!!, I was bringing in the income. I had the best babysitters my Mum and a good friend, and of course Daddy. You see I had a full student load and a full time rotating roster. BUT I loved it.
I had found my dream job.
In the back of my mind I thought I would like to be home with Louise and her siblings as they arrived, but I loved and thrived on this life too.
The children did not miss out, shift work and working part time meant I could create a roster around my family. So with a Nanny by this stage, and my Mum and of course Daddy, we lived this life.
Eventually though I desired to be home with the children more and more.

So when Brid tells me her desires of the heart with such passion, I can totally relate to her. I lived my passion, I loved my job. I couldn't call it a career because I didn't strive to go up the career ladder. I was best, one on one, in Delivery Suite birthing women, or being with them in a crisis time. I loved the Tiny babies in Neonatal care, that were so delicate and fragile, being able to support there parents and tend to there tiny child.
Now its my time to give guidance to Brid to live her passion. Her passion is dance. Actually Ballet. She lives for it and has moved Ballet schools to pursue these dreams.
So our homeschool day is weaved around various lessons and in the future I am sure there will be more interweaving.

Monday, 6 February 2012

changes for 2012

I read over several friends posts and facebook pages and many are changing diets and trying to loose those extra kilos.
We too are on this journey.
We spend a week with a lovely couple in Sydney, when Brid was attending the Ballet summer school. They had been loosing weight over a period of a year, using a low carb and no carbs after 6 pm diet.
These are just change of a lifestyle. Similar to when families begin homeschooling after taking a child out of school, or commit oneselves to The Lord, vowing to follow and spread his message of truth.
So I asked many questions of my dear friends and vowed to bring this change to our family.
We have been eating much much more fruit. Taking note of the amount of carbs and fats we eat, and reduce those as well.
My dear friends use an online calorie counter, but as per usual, I prefer to do my own thing. With this information in hand, I researched and found the best web pages on free calorie counting and exercise calorie counting that I could.
I have a fair knowledge on this anyway, so it was just a matter of tweaking a few things.
We have been following this 'new diet', for a few weeks now, and the results are obvious.
I knew Brid was not really needing to loose weight, she is rather slightly built, Dermot and I were the only ones who needed the diet. Brid is benefiting by us leading by example.
I knew when I put this extra weight on though. It was during a very difficult family crisis. It was not initially, but a few months later. I was interested in nuturing myself and my family. How does a mother do this; but by loving, feeding and in return she receives positive comments like 'that was lovely mum, great meal leanne.' Just what I needed to hear.
It was also around this time that I hurt a ligament in my knee and in the healing time, transferred that injury to an old hip injury. I was in need of being nutured and nuturing from my family and the friends  that were surrounding me.
It was while at summer school last month, at our 7 day retreat with our charasmatic friends, that I took this all to God in a big way and asked healing over it all.
He has rewarded me, with a new attitude, a strength and committment to honour The temple of the Holy Spirit- my human body.
I have diligently written up my own food exercise diary and write calories in and out. I know my Basal metabolic index and use those parameters to choose a realistic calorie limit.
The limit is not restricing at all., it does however, make you consider that chocolate or extra peice of cake is counted, and wouldn't a plate of strawberries and rockmelon be better.
My biggest thing I have changed is breakfast. I have difficulties eating huge breakfasts, so now I break it up, so I eat fruit with the family and a small carbohydrate meal a few hour later. The key is really to limit carbohydrates at night after 6pm.
We walk daily, but I have added a 30minutes on our exercise bike or a swim in the pool, or attack the garden weeds. Its pretty easy and We are seeing results.

So Praise God for his timing is perfect in everything.

Friday, 6 January 2012

A resolution...for 2012

What will my resolution for 2012.

I will wait until we return from summer school. It is a wonderful place to talk listen and get reacquainted with Our Lord.

As many of you know we attend a 7 day retreat every January in the hunter valley run by the covenant community called Disciples Of Jesus.

The School is run by the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community, a group of people who together attempt to live the Christian life under the grace of renewal of the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 1:5,8). The Disciples of Jesus is a Catholic Community with branches throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines and Indonesia. It is comprised of families, single people, priests and consecrated men and women.
The Disciples of Jesus Commuinty is a member of the Catholic Fraternity of Covenant Communities whose statutes were recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome in 1993. The Community is approved as a Private Association of Christ's Faithful within the Catholic Church.
The School of Evangelisation comes under the direction of Fr Ken Barker, a member of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community and the Missionaries of God's Love.

Once we return I will know exactly what our mission will be for this year.
May God Bless each of you.......