Monday, 23 April 2012

A Birthday Present...

Brid celebrates her birthday the day after mine, and it has always been said that she was my birthday present.
Each year Brid is Blessed to have a party to celebrating her Birthday...How indulgent you may say. I look at it differently, it’s an excuse to gather her family and friends around her and celebrate....I love figuring out what theme we should use every year. Its lots of fun planning and creating.  
Brid is Blessed to have a great group of teens to socialise with in her area.
So what did they get up to, you may ask? Well, inspired by a recent Body Shop party we attended, I suggested to Brid that we have a Pamper party.. Yes, that sounds fun.
The guest list was drawn up. The invitation were designed by Brid, The rsvp date  set and then the invites were send out.  A few friends were unable to come, but they were there in spirit.
The girls were gathered together and we began soaking feet, exfoliating and massaging with a gorgeous foot moisturiser. We moved onto hands where we soaked, exfoliated, massaged and then filed and painted their nails. There was lots of chatting and laughing, along with eating of yummy party food.
Brids sister, Louise popped in to join the party, it certainly made Brid’s day.
I thought several hours would be plenty of time for feet, nails, Hair and makeup. I was wrong; we could have another whole party with the activities we missed, buts that ok. Everyone got into the swing of things pampering each other and doing each other’s hair. The straightener, the Curler and the hair accessories were working overtime.

We barely had enough time to open the well thought out presents, sing Happy Birthday to Brid, cut and eat a slice of Cheesecake, before it was time for our guests to go.  
It was such a great afternoon, and a perfect way to spend your 14th Birthday. It was only topped off by family arriving for a family dinner, just as guests were leaving. Busy busy day, but it was lots of fun.  Phew,,now to recover...!!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A movie we just.......

Brid & I love watching girlie movies, particularly when Daddy is out. The last week we have been watching The Princess Diaries.
Yes I know they aren't period dramas, but they have such appeal. So much to talk about. A real feel good movie, and I love Julie Andrews. So does Brid.
There are so many funny things that happen, so many threads running through the movies.
Have a little look at these images...
discovering she is a Princess...

At school before her life changed forever


A princess waves like this

being presented to her country

A shawl would be nice, but its a lovely shot

She plays any role well

Another monumental moment

enough said

Truly transformed .......

An embarassing moment, and a saved moment all in one
she played a great Queen

Did she get married?
               I hope you enjoyed looking at these images of these movies we really enjoyed

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


On Sunday, 30th April, 2000, (the canonisation of Saint Faustina and Feast of Divine Mercy), Pope John Paul II announced to the world, "It is important that we accept the whole message that comes to us from the word of God on this Second Sunday of Easter (first Sunday after Easter), which from now on throughout the Church will be called 'Divine Mercy Sunday'." We are looking forward to celebrating this feast day this Sunday.