Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Modesty and virtues

A few weeks back  Brid attended a Catholic teen girls retreat in Sydney run by the Religious Sisters of Mercy, USA, along with 17 others teens, ranging from age from 13 to 17.
Brid attended the retreat last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. She enjoyed the Faith, the Friendship and fun.
This year we weren't too sure if she would make it, as it was being run 5 days after we returned from our overseas trip.We prepared her for this and said if its Gods will, it will be done.
Anyway, I contacted the Mum organising the retreat, saying we couldn't get her there. To my total surprise within hours this Mum had organised a lift for Brid, a bed at a trusted friends home before the retreat. I knew it was Gods will, so we said Yes.
Now this in itself was HUGE for me. My baby girl going away for 4 nights without one of us. We entrusted her to Gods' care and she was away to enjoy her retreat.

This years was all about friendship.
Beautiful theme and very timely in Brids' life.

While she was away she took a book called Fashioned by Faith. Great read. Very enlightening for her. I posted about it previously here . I believe every house should have a copy of this book.
Another girl had a book called Dressing with Dignity which I had read many years ago. She mentioned this to us as we were chatting after she got home safely, and asked did I have it.
"Yes I do"
I found it on the book shelf and gave it to her.
She absorbed herself in it. She said " Excellent book, everyone should read it".
It was like music to my soul to be able to share these books with Brid. Its lovely that her friend where reading them as well. she left our copy of Fashioned by Faith with the family she was staying with, as she was keen to read it.
So its quite interesting that these books will do the rounds of young teens and experiences shared. Brid has lent her  All things Girls series to amother friends to read  through.
Its such a Blessing that these girls consider there modesty and there dignity to be so important. They live it, breath it and share it. The saint that comes to mind is St Maria Goretti. St Maria Goretti Pray for these young girls.



Sue Elvis said...


I am glad everything worked out and Brid was able to go to the retreat.

It's exciting watching our daughters grow into beautiful young ladies. A little sad too! Sounds like you and Brid are sharing so much.

God bless.

Leanne said...

Thanks Sue for dropping by,
It is a privilege that God has given us. Brid is such an adorable young lady.
I am cherishing every moment knowing these days aren't here forever.
God Bless leanne