Friday, 29 April 2011


May God Bless you further this Sunday. Divine Mercy Sunday.
I am looking forward to the coverage of Beatification of John Paul II. What a fitting day for this to be happening.

Divine mercy image

St Faustina
Since attending my first Divine Mercy Feast Day many years ago now, I look forward to the Blessings that flow from it, but also the Day itself. It is a very moving day for me. JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU is something I live by, It was my first blog name and every year we start the novena with a lovely parish Priest On Good Friday. This year I was determined not to forget this Novena, so close to my heart. 


This is my last post about this awesome pilgrimage. I would do it again in a flash, an guess what we will.
Easter Sunday:-       He is Risen.
May God truly Bless you this Easter Season. A very special gift awaited us this Sunday morning. We were about to have Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament and be commissioned to go out into our communities to evangelising our own sphere of the world.

We were called be Light to the Nation and evangelise at every opportunity. So close on 900 pilgrims registered and now we are send out to every state and territory. Did I mention there was someone from Papua New Guinea?

So we left after helping our friends take their tents down, for the long drive home. We listened to the Matt Maher Cds we purchased at LTTN. 
 We arrived home to a warm cosy house, 2 cats and Louise driving up the driveway to spend some time with her weary family for Easter. Even though we were very tired, it was so good to see our Louise. She was very keen to exchange Chocolate Eggs and share our very humble simple meal.

So there ended our pilgrimage and we could rest over the extended long weekend until Wednesday.  All because of ANZAC day falling on the Easter weekend.  It saw our first Leg of Lamb roast meal with my parents, Monday and  very chilled out day Tuesday.

So in your journey with Jesus may you be receiving Passion, Death, Resurrection and New Life. This is the Christian walk. Dying to self, passing on into new life and celebrating the newness in the Risen Christ.   EASTER BLESSINGS.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

LIght to the Nations Holy Saturday

pilgrims to have there feet washed

Jesus is Crucified

These photos are used by permission of a friend.

Saturday began as a hard day,
although we got up after sleeping well, we had several difficulties before arriving at the big tent.
All of which are normal on a pilgrim journey.
So a 2km walk up Rosary Hill was next. I might add here that my leg and hip were hurting, but I knew this was just an attack to stop me fully taking part in this pilgrimage. So Fr Ken Barker asked us to consider which of the 5 groups we would like to be in.  Those, going with Icon of our lady of Perpetual Succour, singing group, contemplative prayer, Rosary group and the talking group. They were spaced 5 mins apart. It was most amazing to see the groups ahead and behind you, it reminded me of WYD05- Cologne.  There were tall dead thistles and ground covering thistle weeds on the entire walk up the hill. It was hard to avoid them. People had gone up before us and slashed a track for us. It symbolised keeping on the right path in our faith journey and the little side tracks we would make along the way. The stones that got into your shoes, the thistles that somehow worked their way up my trouser leg, the pain in my leg, and the headache, and sun beating down at me. It was symbolic and it made me very aware of our Christian walk.

When we finally arrived at the top, after 5 decades of the Rosary we were welcomed by Blessed be the name of the Lord...being sung by the singing group.  I was taken aback by the gorgeous enormous Crucifix at the top. WOW. When we all arrived we were led in prayer by Fr Ken and it was quite apt that he chose the beatitudes. We were on the top of a hill, with 360 degree views. We are Jesus’ disciples.  Then we were led in the Rosary. It again was quite moving. Did I say, that I cried, again. We walked down the Hill once I had organised Brid a lift. She had an Asthma attack on the way up the hill. She was instructed to get a lift back with the people who brought up the speakers etc. So that done, Dermot & I walked down the hill with Sr Kate. A late entry vocation. Providence I tell you. She knew our new Parish Priest- who himself is a late entry vocation.  God has a brilliant sense of humour. 

Saturday afternoon saw us lunching, sharing in our share groups, oh, and there was a LTTN expo tent & shop- ohhh very exciting,  and preparing ourselves, by several witness talks, for Vigil Mass. We were asked to look in to ourselves and let Jesus into the tombs of our life’s that we haven’t let Jesus into before.
Youth Mission team did there very realistic drama, and an amazing witness talk, by a women who was cured at Lourdes. Absolute miracle. 
Priests continued to offer the Sacrament of confession throughout the whole day.  And finally we started our 3 and half hour Easter vigil, with the lighting of the candles. Blessing of the water for the Baptism of a very small Nicholas. It was his Mums wish for her baby son to be baptised at LTTN, as she had attended every LTTN herself. All the splendour of the Easter Vigil, with the most glorious Music and a Baptism and a Confirmation of a young man.. All ending very late, but hey were else were we to go. We were in the middle of nowhere, no mobile reception, No were to drive to, so we could just enter into this Holy night and soak up all its beauty. As we sang the Alleluia for the first time in weeks, I remembered the Alleluia we had put away and were going to unwrap when we got home.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Light to the nations Good Friday

Good Friday morning saw everyone assemble at the Massive tent that had been erected earlier in the week, ready to begin the Stations of the Cross. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was about to be blown away. A renactment that would move us to tears again. So real you could almost touch taste and see Jesus, his Mother, the women of Jerusalem, Veronica, and the whole process. We were the crowd and that was emotional to witness. I struggle with the scourging and saying the words crucify him. I just cringe but by our sins he has been brutally crucified. When our friend- who played Mary held her Son, Jesus, in her arms I wept and was very moved, unable to say the prayer and reflection. Brid was moved so much, she needed to be part of it. It was obvious she was deeply touched by it all.
Dermot & I walked down the hill afterwards quietly and unable to talk, just holding hands contemplating.
                             The Passion of Our Lord was summed up in this photo.

The night began with the Bishop of Goulburn Canberra addressing us, and reading an address from Our Holy Father. The MGL’s Priests are 6 months away from being a recognised order, and Pope Benedict sent his Blessings upon this pilgrimage. So all those years ago, Fr Ken had a call to start this Order and now it is being recognised, and being given the churches stamp of approval.

Confessions were being held all afternoon and into the evening, and it was amazing to see a queue of some 100 penitents’, at least. We had 15 Priest hearing confessions they were stationed outside the tent, beside fire drums, with blankets wrapped around them. They did keep them warm, but we were worried about our Priests as it was 7 degrees at 9pm. This saw the organisers suspend confessions til the next day.  Brid asked me, “Are you going to confession”. “yes”, I said. “Well my share group leader said ‘bolt as soon as they say we can’ ”.  OK I thought. She dragged my hand & we were in the line.  

Healing prayers were being offered in another areas of the tent for those who wanted this ministry.  I usually love this ministry, but I was so tired Bed seemed a much better option, so we took the opportunity on Friday evening to settle to sleep much earlier than most, as we knew we had a big day Saturday.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Light to the nations -Part one

May God Bless you this Easter Season. May he TRULY Bless you.

I think my favourite time of the Liturgical calendar is Easter. It’s the pinnacle of the Church year and we have loved entering into Our Lords Passion with him every year.
For several years now we have wanted to participate in the Easter Pilgrimage – Light to theNations.  A vision, of the Disciples’ of Jesus Community and Missionaries of Gods Love. This event only happens bi annually.
This was an powerful weekend that began Holy Thursday morning. We drove down to Galong- 5 and half hours south into wheat country in NSW to St Clements Monastery.  We arrived to hundreds of people, camping tents, hustle & bustle.  
We registered, got our name badges to wear and began chatting to friends we hadn’t seen for a while. A few families from homeschool camp, the week before were there as well. That was lovely to share this experience of Easter with them.
So we began our Pilgrimage. Now a pilgrim is not a tourist, so we needed to offer each hardship up to Our Lord and walk closely by him this weekend.  My first thoughts were, ‘gosh,  it is very different from making this journey with Our Lord, away from our church’.  It passed by me quickly.

So late nights, early get ups, little sleep, little food, and very cold days & nights were the order of the weekend. The Lords Supper and Washing of the Feet was superb and had me very emotional seeing 5 Priests, 2 deacons and several  brothers entering into this Mass. The people chosen for the washing of the feet were the people who walked to Galong from Canberra, Victoria and Goulburn. ( Another thing on my list- a pilgrim walk). As the Mass drew to an end and the Consecrated Hosts were taken to the alter of repose. The Priests processed this to the Monastery Chapel, while the seminarians stripped the Alter.

By the time we left it was around 6 degrees and very late.  

Monday, 18 April 2011

13 years

Brid Mairead was born 1309hrs, 13 years ago today. She was a little overdue, but  ever so small when she was born. I called her my Angel from Heaven. Brid was born the day after my birthday, so she was my birthday present 13 years ago.
We have savored every moment of her life, we have celebrated every milestone and thoroughy enjoyed and cherished this gift God gave to us.
Brid age 6, on the steps of our pool.
Today you have reached another milestone. You have turned 13.
We celebrated with family and friends.
We surprised you with special gifts, with your sister travelling home, just to see you on your birthday and with even more friends coming to share your birthday tonight.
Brid you are so very Blessed and so are we to have you as our daughter.
May God Bless you abundantly today and always..

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Give and receive

Do you recycle your clothing? Do you sort and wonder whether to let go of those items or not? All those memories attached to each item?

When Brid was a baby, I sort of knew she could be our last. You jusy know. So I kept her 'oooo', her 'ooo', even when she was too big for them. Mind you, she was a little baby, so she fitted into them for some time. I think, I still have some items to this day, in my memory box.
A few years ago a special friend would give me all her youngest daughters cast offs.
They were always welcome, especially with 4 children and 3 teenagers demands on the household economy.
We have always supported St Vincent de Paul society, and handed in our clothes, blankets, bedding, all types of items over the years. When we moved we gave them so many used and loved items. I truly hope they went to a good home, where they were needed.
Our children have always been spoilt by there Grandma and Grandad in the way of clothing. Don't all Grandparents.
So the children always had several really nice outfits, to wear  to Mass and special occasions.

As Brid is the only one at home now, we have no one to hand her clothes down to. Each time Brid says "Mum it is too small". We both have a sad face at each other, because it was another one of our favourites.
Each item has special memories. "remember when we bought that?"
"Oh Mum remember, when we went there. I was wearing that skirt and top".
How we place importance on an outfit, but maybe its just the memory that is associated with the item of clothing. Its like history.
So I have had several bags of clothes in my wardrobe awaiting sorting.
I finally got the courage to undertake this task and sorted them.
It was a trip down memory lane.
I had been praying for a family to give these loved items too and finally it was revealed to me.
So now they are with there new owners and beginning new memories for another family.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Morning Coffee Habit

Dermot & I are very Blessed to be able to share our Morning Coffee together. Dermot works from home, and has done most of our married life.
We started sharing a coffee as a form of chatting when the children were little, staying connected. We claimed it as our time. We even took the phone off the receiver in the early days. It was our special time alone together. No children allowed. The children knew this and would leave us alone for that time.
Sometimes on weekends they would come to the door. "its been long enough". We would laugh, and probably it was long enough.
It is still our time, We continue to claim it as ours, but now we have invited another person to sit with us.
No it is not a child......

We have asked God to come into our coffee time so we can hear his word, ponder on it, and share our insights with each other.

So every morning while Brid starts her school day, we sit down together, coffee in hand and we read to each other.
We read the reflection set out first.
Then Dermot & I take it in turns to read each reading from the Bible, and it is always he who reads the Gospel.
We have been subscribing to the Word among us for a while, but it is always very nice to share it together.
We tend to find it opens up a conversation for us.
We have been sharing our morning coffee now with God since the beginning of the  year and it has now become a habit.