Friday, 24 February 2012

Dreams and Passions

Have you ever had a dream?
I have?
My hearts desire was to be a Nurse, to be married and be a Mum. After I registered as a Nurse-RN. I went overseas met my husband and we return home here to be married. I was fortunate enough to gain a full time position   on my arrival home.
It dawned on me one day, is this all there is to nursing....What have I done, this is not what I wanted. .   After our eldest was born, I knew my next desire. Be a full time Mum. No.. Its was to train and be a Midwife... when she was 10 months old I was accepted to the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Waratah, NSW. I was so excited but also apprehensive. Dermot was also completing his studies. Dermot had a full time student load and as Midwifery was a paid hospital based position in those days - before the system spoilt it!!, I was bringing in the income. I had the best babysitters my Mum and a good friend, and of course Daddy. You see I had a full student load and a full time rotating roster. BUT I loved it.
I had found my dream job.
In the back of my mind I thought I would like to be home with Louise and her siblings as they arrived, but I loved and thrived on this life too.
The children did not miss out, shift work and working part time meant I could create a roster around my family. So with a Nanny by this stage, and my Mum and of course Daddy, we lived this life.
Eventually though I desired to be home with the children more and more.

So when Brid tells me her desires of the heart with such passion, I can totally relate to her. I lived my passion, I loved my job. I couldn't call it a career because I didn't strive to go up the career ladder. I was best, one on one, in Delivery Suite birthing women, or being with them in a crisis time. I loved the Tiny babies in Neonatal care, that were so delicate and fragile, being able to support there parents and tend to there tiny child.
Now its my time to give guidance to Brid to live her passion. Her passion is dance. Actually Ballet. She lives for it and has moved Ballet schools to pursue these dreams.
So our homeschool day is weaved around various lessons and in the future I am sure there will be more interweaving.


Brid said...

Mummy, that was beautiful.

Leanne said...

My pleasure my sweetness. Love you, Mum xx