Our Story

Our Homeschool Journey:

We have 4 children. 3 were born quite close together, and one little darling born 6 years later. Our eldest 3 were schooled at the local Catholic schools. Our journey is one of highs lows and all that is in between. We began our journey as a homeschooling family many years ago in 2005. It all began after World Youth Day in Cologne, 05. Louise had left school, Kristie was in yr 9 and Kieran yr 8. Brid was in yr 1.

I began to be rather unimpressed by the faith formation at our local Catholic primary school. There appeared to be very little involvement with the school, at a church level. I knew the school system had changed remarkably since our older children’s primary school days.

I was searching for a way to enhance Brids’ religious education. I thought I could say the Rosary at the church in the morning and invite all the Mums as they dropped off their children. We had 4 or 5 takers. I tried this every week and especially in Our Ladies months.

I was exposed to the idea of homeschooling by a friend, she blogs as well, when she explained that she wanted to homeschool her child. Our children were in the same year at the same school, and at first I was totally outspoken, and said, I couldn’t do that. By the end of the week, I had made a complete about face and was asking her how.... why... when...where do I get info.....

In the meantime, we had a 15 year old daughter who was suffering from some type of chronic fatigue. She spent 2 out of 5 days at home sick nearly every week. It was very concerning. She was very keen to come home and school there, in some capacity.

So now we have two candidates for homeschooling. 2006, we began. I had Kristie evaluated and tested with ACA- distance Christian education. We also knew she would be bored after years of being ‘schooled’, so we added Piano lessons and art lessons to the mix.

What about Brid.... well that’s next time...

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