Monday, 6 February 2012

changes for 2012

I read over several friends posts and facebook pages and many are changing diets and trying to loose those extra kilos.
We too are on this journey.
We spend a week with a lovely couple in Sydney, when Brid was attending the Ballet summer school. They had been loosing weight over a period of a year, using a low carb and no carbs after 6 pm diet.
These are just change of a lifestyle. Similar to when families begin homeschooling after taking a child out of school, or commit oneselves to The Lord, vowing to follow and spread his message of truth.
So I asked many questions of my dear friends and vowed to bring this change to our family.
We have been eating much much more fruit. Taking note of the amount of carbs and fats we eat, and reduce those as well.
My dear friends use an online calorie counter, but as per usual, I prefer to do my own thing. With this information in hand, I researched and found the best web pages on free calorie counting and exercise calorie counting that I could.
I have a fair knowledge on this anyway, so it was just a matter of tweaking a few things.
We have been following this 'new diet', for a few weeks now, and the results are obvious.
I knew Brid was not really needing to loose weight, she is rather slightly built, Dermot and I were the only ones who needed the diet. Brid is benefiting by us leading by example.
I knew when I put this extra weight on though. It was during a very difficult family crisis. It was not initially, but a few months later. I was interested in nuturing myself and my family. How does a mother do this; but by loving, feeding and in return she receives positive comments like 'that was lovely mum, great meal leanne.' Just what I needed to hear.
It was also around this time that I hurt a ligament in my knee and in the healing time, transferred that injury to an old hip injury. I was in need of being nutured and nuturing from my family and the friends  that were surrounding me.
It was while at summer school last month, at our 7 day retreat with our charasmatic friends, that I took this all to God in a big way and asked healing over it all.
He has rewarded me, with a new attitude, a strength and committment to honour The temple of the Holy Spirit- my human body.
I have diligently written up my own food exercise diary and write calories in and out. I know my Basal metabolic index and use those parameters to choose a realistic calorie limit.
The limit is not restricing at all., it does however, make you consider that chocolate or extra peice of cake is counted, and wouldn't a plate of strawberries and rockmelon be better.
My biggest thing I have changed is breakfast. I have difficulties eating huge breakfasts, so now I break it up, so I eat fruit with the family and a small carbohydrate meal a few hour later. The key is really to limit carbohydrates at night after 6pm.
We walk daily, but I have added a 30minutes on our exercise bike or a swim in the pool, or attack the garden weeds. Its pretty easy and We are seeing results.

So Praise God for his timing is perfect in everything.


Erin said...

Interested to read your journey. Just wondering, are you experiencing a change in your mind, ie. feeling sharper?
btw from my readings I'm discovering it is not so much that fats are to be feared but we are eating the wrong fats, we need to eat more Omega 3 fats. ie Olive Oil, coconut oil, not vegetable, canola or sunflower oils.

Leanne said...

Erin, Thank you for reading and commenting.
We rarely use oil. We dry cook mostly except when we do a stir fry- then its sesame oil.
Do I feel sharper?? hmmmm.
probably more energy.
I am a big fan of Michelle Bridges from the biggest looser, and its not new info..,
How is your change in eating and exercise going?