Wednesday, 2 May 2012

encouragement night

Our Last encouragement night saw some 9 or so women listening to a very organised homeschool mum discussing,  organising your household chores whilst homeschooling.
Wow, I was pretty impressed.
I thought I was organised.! I just hadn’t written it all down.
It took me a few days to take in all the information and process it all. I wasn’t sure how to go about this but I knew I could use this information.
I began drawing up my chores list. My zoned areas. How will I break it down. Hmmm.
You see I use Enjo and its pretty easy cleaning a home with it. No chemicals just a cloth and water...after 20  years of nursing in intensive areas my hands could do with a break...
So where did I start. I worked out the zones- mine are kitchen, laundry, lounge, family, bedrooms, bathrooms, office, outdoor. I am not going to be able to break these all up into individual days because for us Sundays are not work days.
Firstly, I looked at the jobs required daily for each zone. Then worked out the extras I wanted to achieve each week, fortnight, month, 3 months, 6 months and yearly.
Once I had it all on paper, it seemed really easy. I have drawn up my lists and placed them n my pantry. I used Saturday to do a complete houseclean and with enjo, it was pretty easy. The longest task was vacuuming.
Monday saw me enjo mop. Tuesday was my ironing day. I was meant to dust the lounge area but it was just attended to, so I began on some long term projects- wash main bedroom window and wash the curtains. Looking sparkling.
It has been quite freeing, as I had in the past kept all my records in my head- now they are laid out on paper and I can tick them off as I they are completed. I liked that Tuesday is my ironing day. No other extra job and it got done.
I have Brid do a job or two for me outside instead of sitting reading for her break. It has made a difference to her concentration level.  Dermot is helping out as well.
I have set myself a task do all my jobs before I sit down for a morning tea break with Brid. It certainly has given our home order.
So thanks Mel for your great tips and ideas. I was totally overwhelmed on the evening, but we have embraced a new order in our home.  


Vicky said...

I love organising like this, Leanne. I usually clean two rooms a day - with a day off on Sunday, too. I find that it makes housework manageable and we stay on top of it all. Like Brid, our children help me to get the work done when I need them to.

Lovely, inspiring post, Leanne! God bless:-)

Leanne said...

Thank you so much Vicki, it has been quite a Long time since I was this organised. I will do a follow up post in a month or so. That will be the real test. Thanks for dropping by. Leanne

Linda said...

I used Enjo as well! Love the cloths, the mop - everything! I use very little in the way of chemicals these days. Very easy and effective to use as well.

Hope you guys are well - we miss you! :)