Sunday, 30 November 2008


This is Brids' thing!
She has loved 'setting up' the Nativity Scene since she was a small toddler.
Today I woke to the sound of her 'rearranging' it again.
And it won't be the last time.
Today she made a hill, out of tinsel for the shepherd to 'watch there sheep'.
Christmas Carols are now on the CD player, and will stay until after Christmas now.
Now its Advent, Brid can now play all her new and old Christmas carols on the Piano.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

times tables

It has been rather a busy time for me this last two weeks.
My darling man has been at home for two weeks now.
Even though he has been limited in movement, his time has not been wasted.
He has been helping with schooling.
I needed to put him to work as I was rather behind with all others household matters, especially that I needed to take his tasks over.
Sooo........Times tables is something that has definitely been an issue for Brid. She has gone from working them out to knowing them in two weeks.
I have put Dermot in charge of this area. He has accepted willingly. Yeah!
She will be scoring for Dermot on the dart board soon. He will love that.

It has left me a little time to prepare the resources we will use for Advent.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


On Fridays, we have always finished our school week with Mass. In the last few months we have discovered Latin Mass. I find it very peaceful and moving. When I first heard about it, my internal barriers came up. You see, I am charasmatic my nature. I enjoy singing and clapping and praising God in a very open way. I love praise music like Planetshakers, Third Day, Rebecca St James. etc...
I belief that God has been bringing me on a journey with him over the last few years. I began discovering Our Lord again some 12 years ago and since then he has led me on an amazing journey with him. Part of this is that its OK to just 'Be still' and adore him internally in the Mass- This is best achieved in a Latin Mass.
I then started thinking, how does this all fit together. Easy, just "Let me(Jesus) lead you". I suppose it is all about Trust. Trusting God has my journey mapped out, which I know in my head, but in reflection I can now see it. So on Fridays we go to either a Latin or an 'English' mass- a Brid calls it, depending on whether we go to Sydney, with friends or stay here in 'Our Town'. Either way its OK because each has its own individual beauty.
The days we stay in 'Our Town', we go and do something special together, and the days we go to Sydney we enjoy lots of other homeschoolers company.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rememberance Day

Today we as a nation celebrate 90 years since the end of WWI. While we didn't brave the services at the memorial locations in our city, we did mark this day with reading about our great War Veterans, and there slogs. We did several activities and made poppies. We stood still for 2 minutes at 11am and discussed the role these men and women played in shaping our world.

My 2 great Uncles and 1 Aunt served in WWII. One in Japan, One in New Guinea, and one Darwin Base awaiting the troops. It is glorified by family, but there is nothing glorious about War. Just Remembering. Lest we Forget.

I remember how moving the ceremonies were at school, and how they touched my heart. I pray they touch each of us, so we can live in peace.
After writing this post, I watched an ABC-1 docum., on WWI and our soldiers involvement. Again I was touched by our troops courage and bravery. The way the diggers got in and got the job done, the way they fought for commemoration statues afterwards. The way they fought to remember there dead diggers. Brilliant show.
We need to keep honouring our war Veterans and show respect for what they did. I couldn't do it, and I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Modesty Matters

Today I was searching on the internet for further books on Modesty. I came across this article. I was a little shocked because I have been guilty of just giving up the fight and just taking my eldest daughter to Mass in what ever she chose. Just because I was sick of explaining what to wear. She was a young teen at the time and midriffs were in, with jeans, skirts almost to the pubic bone. She presented herself like this and I just said- 'Ok ready lets go'. There was talk in church and even though this was hard for me as a mother, it could have been an amazing lesson for my daughter. Next week she covered up a little more, and continued putting longer tops on until she was not getting any further looks.
Even though this Women in this article talks of the Mother being at fault, it comes a time when the child knows what is right from wrong and they need to own it.
My youngest wouldn't be scene in a church without being respectfully dressed. She has had the benefit of Homeschooling, and I have been able to train her and discuss these issues without secular views getting in the way. She is actually teaching her siblings- particularly her sisters' as her brother has left the family behind at the moment- please pray for him.
I called Brid my Angel from Heaven, from the moment she was conceived- that she truly is. She is very wise. I love you darling.
Modesty Matters

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