Thursday, 19 July 2012

I was admiring a lovely tray that my Mum has when I was visiting last.  It was an oval shape with proteas covered by glass. It had rattan wound around the sides to make the sides and the handles. I did remember it being at my Nannas’ place and  overlooking it as a child. But there was something about it I liked very much.
I pressed Mum for where it was from. “Was it Nannas?” I queried.  I learnt that not only was it not Nannas but it was my Great Great Grandmothers –Ma Cross as we call her. “wow”. I was taken aback.  
I asked where she normally stores it. Mum replied it is normally downstairs. It’s an area that I don’t often go into it, as the door is shut. As I haven’t lived at home for 25 years I just don’t venture there.
So at this moment she had no real spot for it. I began suggesting spots to put it but nowhere I suggested was appropriate for various reasons.
I mentioned in passing that I needed to replace my present tray, as mine was coming apart at the corners.  It has become quite unsteady if used as a breakfast bed tray.
I thought no more about my comment and just admired the tray  as the antique it was.  
I put the kettle on for a cuppa with Mum and she said, “You can have it if you like?”
“Oh no Mum you hold onto it”.
She insisted and all of a sudden I was given this tray. The only stipulation. “It must stay in the family, so make sure the girls know that”.
When I got home, I was stumped. Where to put it. Yes it was hard decision to make, because it is quite big. I thought it would fit above my microwave, but alas it was too wide.
So I positioned it on my kitchen table with our fruit on it. So it is being used every day.  I can take the fruit off it when I need it. I will probably find a more suitable spot for it but for now it works well.

Whenever, I look at it, it reminds me of my Nanna her Mum Nanna Brogan and her Mum Ma Cross.

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