Monday, 6 August 2012

Its so quite.....but WHY

It's pretty quite around here this week..
WHY you may ask???
Dermot is away. He was asked to go Skiing with a friend.
I encouraged him to go. I thought He would enjoy a week away, particularly in Male company.
I am so pleased he took our friend up on the offer.
Saturday, saw him preparing for his Trip. He chopped lots of wood for our fire. Ranging from very small kindling to much bigger pieces.
I helped him pack and shop for a few little treats.
Yesterday at 6.45 saw me wave off Dermot to catch his lift to the snow.
Dermot has never been to our Aussie snow before. He has always hesitated to take us as a family, as we know it quite expensive.
I took the 3 of out children to the snow when they were younger. We kept our costs down and had a wonderful time.
I am really Praying that Dermot not only has a great time but enjoys the companionship.

 Brid and I are here by ourselves, Brid steadily moving through her assigned workload. Me, answering the phones and keeping messages as needed for Dermot.

Getting back to the quite. It was odd not having Dermot here on a Sunday, We went off to Mass last night and that was odd too. Dermot is always beside me, healways hold my hand and we receive Holy Eucharist together. Brid normally sits with the choir, but last night we sat together.

We ourselves don't have any big plans just our normal everyday things.

Dermot called today. " I am off to learn how to fall with Grace". I had to laugh. Its been a long time since he was on skis. ( And then it was in the Swiss Alps- I tried to prepare him that the Australian Alps are totally different).

So its hot water bottles and extra blankes for me this week?

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