Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Pointe step

It was with great excitement that we left the house today on our way to the ballet store.. We eagerly dresses and hurried through our daily chores. Brid needed to have her toe nails cut very short and  wear comfortable clothing. Brid chose her dance pants.
Brid has been waiting on this day for some time..Dreaming and wondering what it would be like..
We were heading to the town to pick up our gorgeous Ballet teacher as she was keen to oversee Brids Pointe shoe fitting.
On route we received a call, 'I have locked myself out of the house..' this meant Miss Kristy was unable to come with us. I said to Brid, "Let's pray".  If God wanted her to come with us he will make it happen. Within 5 minutes we got a call- She could come with us... I was quite pleased, as this isn't just a pair of Ballet slippers, these are Pointes. I needed help and from  a trusted teacher, who has Brids best interest in hand..
We arrived at the store, my heart thumping, so I can imagine Brids excitement. We were called over and the fitting began. Firstly, Brid was asked to do a few Ballet feet positions and then each foot was drawn and measured and the length and width taken..
The shelves were being searched for a small size, a narrow foot. At last the moment, Grishko was the first to be tried, Russian pointe was next, then Mindens.
It was around about that time, that I realised Brids' foot was so tiny. These tiny shoes were being put onto her feet, and they were fitting..
Her Teacher and the fitter were talking terminology I was unfamiliar with. I was totally dependant on them and their expertise. Brid was to tell them how her feet felt in each shoe and this determined it being correct, or not, for her feet. 
She stood in second in a grand plie in each shoe and this was were it was noted how the foot felt on her. Was she cramped or was there too much room. Then she walked to the Barre', was asked to rise first on one foot then the both. My heart jumped, she looked so grown up.
All those Demi pointe classes, all those extra stretch lessons to gain her strength in her legs, back and her feet.
The decision was made and the Russian pointe was the one chosen.
I know God was with us in this fitting because as soon as she tried the Russian ones on, I got this sense, these were the ones, but as I knew nothing about this area I said nothing. 
The fitting was written up and the fitter explained several things to me,she drew were the ribbons and elastic was to go and in general was very helpful.
Our dear friends came along as well, and it was Chantelle who piped up, giving advice to Brid and helping her like a loving friend would do. Afterwards Chantelle gave Brid a card congratulating her on Her first Pointe shoes, so special, and so sweet.
It could not have been a more special day..Our friends, our teacher, all there for one reason to support and advice us on this important decision in Brids life, A ballet dancers life..  


Vicky said...

I can just imagine your excitement, Leanne! I hope you'll be able to post some photos of Brid dancing in them. I expect she looks very dainty and elegant!

God bless:-)

Leanne said...

Thanks for dropping by Vicki, It was an exciting day, I will post some photos once we have some more..God Bless