Friday, 29 January 2010

My word for the Year

Over at Aussie coffee shop, Therese has posted about her word for the year. I wanted to comment, but thought it would rather long, so .......mine would have to be Don't Worry for the future.
I have in the past worried about all types of situations, kids, strategies etc, but in reality, Our Lord doesn't wish us to do this.
I just need to concentrate on today, this moment, and plan into the future, but Our Lord has this in hand.
So my word would be Don't worry, God has it in hand. He is so deeply concerned and involved in our lives, of course he wants us to give him our troubles and leave them with him.
It doesn't mean we won't think of them, but we will be more at peace if we leave it to him you And trust in his plan for us.
This is something I have endeavoured to do over the last year or more, but at Summer School Our Lord showed me how in a deeper way.

Peace and Love

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Instructing us in an action song

never rains but it pours

It never rains but it pours at our place.
At the moment we have Louise staying with us until she finds a rental place in town- close to work and Uni. She has gone today looking at a place- sharing with people we know. Could be good.
We have our pool being worked on. Its at reinforcing stage and pipe work- Brid has made lots of videos and photos for her blog.
And this week, we noticed the septic tank was making a funny noise and a little on the nose. So we had it emptied and had the motor fixed, or so we thought. It didn't 'kick in', as they say, so we await a new pump- today.
I was going in to town today to get supplies and pick up Brid from her grandparents. But now I am waiting for the repair to be done. Actually it has been a very interesting procedure, as now at least we know a little more about septic systems.
And the Pool, it is happily going along fine, except when we get rain deluging down!! But hey we need the rain, so I can't complain.
So who will pick up Brid????- my dear Louise said she would. Sisterly love.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Its gone too fast

Well its nearly the beginning of school. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. We have had a very relaxing holiday and have enjoyed some great moments together, as a family. So next week we begin.
I have changed our daily, weekly timetable, with much consultation from the student and my dearest husband . It is much more streamlined, and this means more flexibility and much more time to include other avenues.
We have decided to give 'English' the big flick, purse' . We have spend years doing grammar and getting spelling correct. For what!! to complete and know a list!!
After much rethinking, we have come up with a writing plan, and this will be over all subjects. It is exciting to embark on a new learning teaching style. Would I call it a learning teaching style. Maybe. We have just felt our way, and now it time, to let go of, some more Schoolie restraints. I feel as though the weight has been lifted off our shoulders, but particularly mine.
We did begin this process last year.
Brid has been blogging, writing letters and jotting in her diary. This has given her confidence.
She has been very unsure of her writing and spelling abilities, in the past. This continued, even with lots of affirmation, but something changed early last year, and she shook off that negative attitude. Once she knew she could do it, it was no stopping her.
So Avid reader meets avid writer, what will be the outcome?????
This term, as always, we embark on a deeper journey about our Sunburnt country- Australia. We will travel around Australia, using maps, google earth and books to help us. We have friends coming from the UK, so we will be 'travelling' around with them, at the end of term. Brid will read "The Black Dress'- about Bl Mary McKillop. We have always concentrated on Bl Mary McKillop at this time every year, using resources from the St Josephs' centre, in Sydney.

So here we come school year 2010.

Monday, 18 January 2010

We are Back

Hi everyone, We are back after a very beautiful peacefilled 8 days emersed in Gods 'Love.
Summer School of Evangelisation (SSE10), Run by the Disciples Of Jesus Covenant Community, was very local for us. It really is on our backdoor.
We arrived last Sunday and re emerged back into the 'world', this Sunday just gone.
It was the largest Summer School that they had run at Tocal.
We were fed well with Gods' great love and peace.
Lectures and Seminars daily during the week, childrens 'ministry for all the kids, Sessions specific to youth. A lovely married couple gave a very special witness about Being Men of God , and Women of God. They touched on areas which are hard to talk about issues and also issues our mainstream youth, don't hear about. Modesty was a big one. Understanding the male psyche was another. Very exciting to see it discussed and people flocked to this series of talks.
One of the priests was blessed enough to go with Harvest tours to Jerusaleum, and he shared his experience as well as he discussed the Man of the Shroud. Very inspiring.
The evening sessions were filled with witness talks, praise & worship, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every night, reconcilation opportunities, prayer team for individual prayer and at the end of every night was the Divine office. Morning prayer began at 7 after an hours' adoration.
The Rosary is prayed daily and is of course well supported.
It was an extremely hot week, and it was hard to keep cool, but the pool in the afternoon was a great relief. The lecture rooms were air conditioned for the first time.
This community has several ministries underpinning it., including Missionaries of Gods' Love - for Brothers, Sisters- about 11 in total, ( they have 2 houses, 1 in Canberra and 1 in Melbourne)and Priests. They all undertake studies in Melbourne. The Priest presiding of our SSE10 has his community base in Darwin.
The Brothers come from all over Asia Pacific area. At least 8 come to Tocal. They are all in the process of Studying for Priesthood.
There is a Youth Mission Team-YMT, that ministers to the youth in the schools and as well runs youth groups and weekend retreats for youth. They also keep in contact with the youth they meet, and great friendships are made, which are life changing.
There is also support for the singles and young adults as well as everyone, who becomes a covenant member.
Mass is of course Daily, and as it is a charasmatic community, then so is Mass. Great reverance is attained and much discernment goes into the whole week.
Brid had an awesome time, in Childrens' ministry and she was involved with a girls' share group for the first time. she 'LOVed' it and they called themselves St Joan Of Arc- they visited the Chapel every day to put flowers in front of the alter. The best thing about this little group, is that all of them will be ready to move to the nextlevel all together- so they will be able to support and grow together.
Our family has been nourished, supported and encouraged by this beautiful loving community for over 5 years now.
We will go again, God willing next year. Each year, you give yourself to god that little bit more, and he blesses you abundantly.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

At this time of the year, we would like to ask a Blessings upon all readers and Followers of this Blog.
We pray that 2010 is a very peaceful and joyful year for us all.

We are enjoying the quiteness of this time of year and getting ready for our yearly dose at SSE10. Summer School of Evangelisation - it is held locally, for us every year in 3rd week of January.
It is a week with Our Lord, No interruptions, just being in his mighty presence and being fed by wonderful Disciples. Can't wait.

God Bless you all