Friday, 21 December 2012

A special couple of days

Recently Brid and I were in Melbourne to see Mr Rider- our Ballet teacher. He played several roles in Sleeping Beauty - the Ballet.
The call went out to Australian Conservatoire of Ballet members and some selected international guests some months ago. Several grades of Ballet students were given the opportunity to perform in this production.
Brid had worked hard academically and with her fine arts -Ballet and Piano, all year so a little treat was in order.
We flew down and easily negotiated the way to our hotel with the use of the skybus.
We had just enough time to dress into our best dresses and head for the Melbourne Arts Centre.
Our hotel was rather close, so this made dinner on the way rather easy.
We waited a while for the show to begin, beacause I had though it was 7pm start. But it was a 7.30pm start.
We arranged to meet Miss Kristy- Rider wife and a most beautiful dancer. She was seeing the ballet alone so it was nice to meet up with her in between each Act and chat.
We were taken to our seats. Row C. WOW is all we could say...The best seats. We were 3 metres from the stage and as the seats wrapped aroud the front of the stage, they were front row.
It was the most amazing costuming I had ever seen in a Ballet and being that close, we saw every detail. The highlight for brid was when Mr Rider came out for the encore, he winked at Brid. It was a very special moment.
Brid was invited backstage to meet a few cast members. That was exciting.
Mr Rider just looked like he belonged on the stage. He just shone. He played the best Puss In Boots.
So Cheeky.

 The next day after a very late night and after a lovely Breakfast we headed along Southbank and into a popular Ballet chain. We spend an hour or 2 looking, trying items on and chatting to the sales staff and a few girls who looked like they may have been in the Ballet. Of course Brid asked them.

So hear are a few photos of Brids treat -and of course it was my treat too...
Waiting before the Ballet

Brid and Miss Kristy. waiting to see the Ballet

Brid and Mr Rider in front of the aussie ballet box for some props.

After a morning shopping at the Ballet Shop. Brid in front of the poster advertising the Ballet at the Arts Centre.


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