Thursday, 12 April 2012

A movie we just.......

Brid & I love watching girlie movies, particularly when Daddy is out. The last week we have been watching The Princess Diaries.
Yes I know they aren't period dramas, but they have such appeal. So much to talk about. A real feel good movie, and I love Julie Andrews. So does Brid.
There are so many funny things that happen, so many threads running through the movies.
Have a little look at these images...
discovering she is a Princess...

At school before her life changed forever


A princess waves like this

being presented to her country

A shawl would be nice, but its a lovely shot

She plays any role well

Another monumental moment

enough said

Truly transformed .......

An embarassing moment, and a saved moment all in one
she played a great Queen

Did she get married?
               I hope you enjoyed looking at these images of these movies we really enjoyed


Vicky said...

It's a magical story, isn't it? And, the clothes are just beautiful!

I'm so glad you're blogging, again, Leanne - it's great to share with you, once again:-)

Leanne said...

Oaah, Thanks Vicki, It is a fun story.
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Its been such a busy term that I haven't had too much time to Blog, but hopefully this will change.