Friday, 14 February 2014

The inaugurated the MGLs as a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right.

Last weekend The Missionaries of Gods Love attained the inaugurated the MGLs as a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right. It has been a long process and although we were unable to be there, we were there in spirit. 
This Blog post says it all.

A little gem of a shop

Just recently we were in Melbourne while young Brid was attending a Ballet Summer school program..We were walking through the city streets and stumbled across a most gorgeous little shop in a dark but mysterious little alley way.
We couldn't resist and bought 2 dresses for Brid. Dermot had chosen one and I had chosen the other.I was a little nervous as I'd never purchased a designer dress for her and was concerned about sizing. The sales girl was delightful and reassured me that we could return them if necessary.
So after a lovely mornings, umm afternoons shopping we returned to our apartment just in time to collect Brid from the Ballet school.
These are the dresses we chose and I can tell you, they look lovely on Brid..

Its a gorgeous label called Princess Highway and it is so refreshing to find nice dresses.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A fashion tag...

Hi everyone, I was tagged by my darling daughter, Sararose.

 1) How would you describe you style?
This depends if I am at home for the day or steeping out for the day.

Depends . . If I am at home, its very simple skirt or pants and old t shirt. When we are out or expecting guests, I will change to dressier clothes, apply make up and jewellry.

 2) What are you wardrobe staples?

My staples would be long skirts, long dresses and slacks. Nice feminine tops, and always a cardigan. I have a black cheapy from Coles, I love it because its light.

 3) Most expensive clothing item you own?

I love shopping at Laura Ashley, but my most expensive item would be a woollen stretch skirt   from Metalicus.

 4) Most wanted item?

A loose pair of jeans.

 5) Favourite designer?

Laura Ashley

 6)How much do you spend on clothing?

Not sure! I am Blessed to ne spoilt by both my Mum and my darling Husband.  

 7) Favourite places to shop?

My favourite shop, well its our local shopping centre.. Garden City- or now known as Westfield kotara  

 8) Favourite fragrance?

Chanel Mademoiselle

Christian Dior “Hypnotic Poison”

 9) What is your go to outfit when you don't have anything to wear?

This would definitely be my Black pants which matches with random coloured topds or a black/ cream skirt. Easy...Add scarf, beads and your sorted...

 10) Most prized possession?
My pearls. I love pearls.

Now who to Tag.....

 Vicki, Creating with Wisdom

Therese Aussie Coffee Shop

Leonie Living without School

Gae Cherished Hearts at Home

Renelle Doves Rest

Tricia Do Whatever He Tells you

Erin Seven little Australians and counting

I look forward to your response ....

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Its been such a long time since I blogged.
I have been reading my blog list. Posting a few comments,
On my blog rounds, I noticed over on Sues blog that she is doing an A to Z in a month.
Sounds so good. Totally inspired and then......started writing, no inspiration.
although I might just have an A....

Activ8 youth team. We have the best little Youth group in our Parish. We have a full time Youth team who live in one of the Parish houses and oversee the entire youth program every week. They put aside there work for the year, and focus on the youth of the region. Its a volunteer position, that these young adults take up for one year.
Every Tuesday Brid attends her youth group.
There is a junior youth group on in the afternoon and the senior is on in the evening. Sandwiched nicely between them is a youth Mass at 7pm. Its a very youth focused Mass and every child has the opportunity to help out in some way.
Brid has gone from strength to strength with her youth group. They focus on various different programs throughout the year. The last project was to present the Stations of the Cross as a dramatisation for the Parish. Last year they watched and talked about " the great adventure series"
Every Sunday night we come together for our regional youth Mass. Again there is always a job for the children and teenagers to do, if they would like to.
Last Saturday night - the day before Palm Sunday, Brid was asked by the team to attend Gracefest in Sydney. They set out at 3pm for there 2 hour trip to Sydney and joined all the other young adults and teenagers at St Marys Cathedral.
We were a little worried about her going without us, but we just needed to trust she'd be ok. She was fine. There was so much for them to do, Adoration, opportunity for confession, witness talks, Talk by Cardinal Pell, Praise and worship, chatting- networking and just loads of fun.
They got back very late and boy was I pleased to hear her voice as she walked through the door, but excited that she got to be responsible and enjoy a night with friends.
So that would be my A if I was linked to the blog..

Now B should be pretty easy.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Papa Benedict

Today I woke to the news that Our Holy Father would resign in less than a month. Was I shocked?
Initially a little, but no not really. I think he has made  a rather courageous move.
I have hardly listened to the news regarding his decision because, I didn't think the media would do the situation justice.  I felt a man of his integrity and prayerfulness would be guided by the Holy Spirit.
I like Bishop Bill from Maitkland Newcastle dioceses believe its a rather humble and admirable decision.

Bishop Bill Wright, speaking to 1233 ABC Newcastle's Jill Emberson this morning, said that he was very surprised to hear the news. "I was very surprised that there was no leak at all," Bishop Bill said. "It's another occasion when the Pope has impressed me. Anyone who does something that no-one has done for 600 years is sticking his neck out in a way. It takes imagination and a certain humility. I think it's an admirable thing to do."

I remember his instillment all those years ago and the public reaction.
This time Brid is at an age that she will understand more clearly the process, so we have decided to down our other work and concentrate on the life of Pope Benedict and the process od election.
I was quite inspired by Elizabeths Blog post, clearly setting out information on the election, the conclave and many other interesting rabbit trails.

Last year Pope Benedict XVI at the Papal audience on our anniversary. A treasured memory .
We watch and wait as this all unfolds and welcome our new Pope next month, and prayerfully remember our Present Pope.

Just another day in the Catholic Church.

God Bless you all.


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Liturgical Year

I have to confess last year we did a horrible job trying to keep a track or even stick to the Liturgical year and celebrating the various Feast days.
The truth is that Brid is older and I need to make it all much simpler and easier to follow.
This year at Summer School of Evangelisation we all chose, seperately decided to attend a lecture called Prayer Boot Camp...Wow what an awesome lecture series.
It looked at various ways to pray and keep that alive daily.
One way was the Prayer Wheel.It breaks prayer into 5 min sessions, over an hour..

We were challenged to start our day with Adoration at 6am.
Well lets just say as the evenings do not end until 11pm at least, I chose to do my hour of prayer elsewhere in the day. I have actually kept this Challenge going.
Dermot &  I reflected on our prayer life and we realised that we actually do pray more than we first thought.We enter into the Readings of the day, we discuss them,We pray at meals, The Angelus etc..
So what have I discovered in all this??
That I just need to let go and believe that God will use this time of messiness and disorder to put  a fire in each of us, for more of his word.
I have begun by finding a Character Calendar connected to the Liturgical year..
I downloaded it and placed it on my desktop to view daily. This ha been a real treasure to find.

While we attend this 8 day retreat, our summer school, I always ask God what he wants for my year ahead.
He has done some amazing things in the past. Relocating us, finding a Ballet School, A new Church.
This year I was open to his desires again, and the word that kept coming into my heart  was
                                                    ........... PRAY...

I feel utter peace and surrender to the Lord about this.
But I must tell you more. The last 2 years I have been in a very baron place. My Desert place as I have called it. Unable to pray, talk to God, before the tabernacle after Communion. Its been terrible, but I feel a total healing of this now. It happened at Summer school after the Reconcilation Evening.

                                           SO I AM BACK......PRAISE GOD FOR THIS.....


Friday, 21 December 2012

A special couple of days

Recently Brid and I were in Melbourne to see Mr Rider- our Ballet teacher. He played several roles in Sleeping Beauty - the Ballet.
The call went out to Australian Conservatoire of Ballet members and some selected international guests some months ago. Several grades of Ballet students were given the opportunity to perform in this production.
Brid had worked hard academically and with her fine arts -Ballet and Piano, all year so a little treat was in order.
We flew down and easily negotiated the way to our hotel with the use of the skybus.
We had just enough time to dress into our best dresses and head for the Melbourne Arts Centre.
Our hotel was rather close, so this made dinner on the way rather easy.
We waited a while for the show to begin, beacause I had though it was 7pm start. But it was a 7.30pm start.
We arranged to meet Miss Kristy- Rider wife and a most beautiful dancer. She was seeing the ballet alone so it was nice to meet up with her in between each Act and chat.
We were taken to our seats. Row C. WOW is all we could say...The best seats. We were 3 metres from the stage and as the seats wrapped aroud the front of the stage, they were front row.
It was the most amazing costuming I had ever seen in a Ballet and being that close, we saw every detail. The highlight for brid was when Mr Rider came out for the encore, he winked at Brid. It was a very special moment.
Brid was invited backstage to meet a few cast members. That was exciting.
Mr Rider just looked like he belonged on the stage. He just shone. He played the best Puss In Boots.
So Cheeky.

 The next day after a very late night and after a lovely Breakfast we headed along Southbank and into a popular Ballet chain. We spend an hour or 2 looking, trying items on and chatting to the sales staff and a few girls who looked like they may have been in the Ballet. Of course Brid asked them.

So hear are a few photos of Brids treat -and of course it was my treat too...
Waiting before the Ballet

Brid and Miss Kristy. waiting to see the Ballet

Brid and Mr Rider in front of the aussie ballet box for some props.

After a morning shopping at the Ballet Shop. Brid in front of the poster advertising the Ballet at the Arts Centre.