Saturday, 14 February 2009

Celebrate Love- A Mission to Love

Several Years ago Dermot & I attended a Weekend that would change our lives forever. We attended a Celebrate Love weekend- (look at the sidebar for the link). We call it our Couple conversion, and slowly over the years we have given our lives, more and more to God.

This community and the Couple who are the national directors -Fran & Byron, are awesome people. It however, has not been without the ups and downs that different people coming together can bring. It is great to get together with like minded couples though. We cherish all our friendships we have made.

Dermot & I have been involved with meeting once a month with other couples in a home-setting, since we participated on the weekend. We were asked to become a presenting couple early on, but this is not Dermots calling, so I needed to be patient and wait for what was right for us.
So we helped on the catering team and prayer team of several weekends and have put our hands up for additional training and enrichment weekend.

It hasn't all been easy but we knew God would provide for our family. He was moving us in this direction, and we were saying "YES". So we knew he was going to provide for us.

We believe that Celebrate Love teaches the true meaning of Marriage in the Catholic Church and we wanted to know more and more .......

We were thirsty for knowledge so we could have the information to bring other couples into this greater awareness and love that God truly wants for us all.

A few years ago, we were asked to be Mentors for the Engaged "Embrace', and this was the opportunity that we were waiting for. This was right up Dermot alley- 'one on one'. It was made for us. Not really, but it felt like it.

We have been privileged to have mentored several couples and we are in the process of one such couple at present. Such a privilege to be with a couple, at the special exciting time of their lives to help shape and teach them about what God wants for there Marriage.

We discuss communication, formation, natural family planning and much more. We gain as much out of each couple as they do from us. We sometimes think, "Are we getting more out of this?" We know we are giving so much as well.

This brings us under spiritual attack each time, but we know we are doing 'good', when this is happening, so please pray for us.

So if you have seen an add for Celebrate Love in your church, ( in USA-it is called Living Love), take it up, do it. We had a great marriage before we embarked on this weekend, but now it has enriched it so much more and we know it has touched our children's lives as well.
OUR mission is to love one another, as Christ loves his Church.