Thursday, 21 May 2009

And there is more

At our little cottage, actually it wasn't all that small. It was 3 bedrooms, a little sunroom, opening living area, dining room and big laundry and 2 bathrooms, plus a huge verandah, with 3 sets offrench opening doors. Upstairs was a a great attic that Brid enjoyed playing, reading and sitting in. The photo of the kitchen area was taken from there in my last post. It was the best place to dry clothes, and as heat rises, the warmest as well.

We met some very full cows ready to be milked on our way into town one day. They surrounded the car. Brid could not resist taking some photos.

This holiday was full of no schedules at all. If we wanted to go out, go to town or go on a bushwalking we did.
Nothing was planned, except meals.
Dermot read, I embroidered and Brid just played and we played several board games together.
Brid & Dermot wanted to go to the falls closer to Dorrigo, called Dangar falls, so of they went. I was happy doing my own thing.
The only thing that was important was to chill out,oh and have long morning and afternoon coffees.-that was important.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It was Beautiful

Early this week, I put a post up of the cottage we stayed in for our relaxing, non technology holiday.
This is the first holiday we have had together for 12 months, and boy did we need some down time.

After our 5 hour drive to get to our holiday cottage, in the outskirs of the Dorrigo National Park, we just looked at the view. WOW!!

We unpacked and Dermot put Brid in charge of the fire and we cooked pizzas.

Next day we chose to do a 2-3 hour walk- called Coachwood walk and a detour to Cedar Falls. I did the Cedar Falls walk 20 + years ago as a teenager, and as we wprked our way down the steep descent it came to mind why I was never doing it again- and here I was doing it again with Dermot and Brid. It was gorgeous when we got down there, but honestly if we had a helicopter to get us out I would have said 'yes please'. For people who know me, that is unlike me.

We had our mandatory Leach stops. Dermot won- he had 4.

We got home very tired, but as we were so far away from a take away and I had planned our whole weeks food, I needed to cook dinner, we all helped so it was fun.

Next day My legs were very very very sore so we decided to have a home day. This is what we did.

Monday, 18 May 2009

says it all

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The TENDERNESS of our Ways

As we are aware this is the month of Our Lady. So how fitting was it this celebration of mothering. A MUMS Day Out.
We are blessed in our dioceses to have Sisters of St Joseph involved in many areas of church. I have posted about them before in my old Blog page.

Today was held a very special day, just for Mums', at the

convent at Lochinvar-45 minute drive from my home.

What do I do with Brid??? Dermot has been really busy at work lately, so I was reluctant to remind him of this day, and place him under pressure, as he said originally, "I will do Brids' work with her". So when Dermot said, just go, I will take her with me to work, if need be. I was relieved and excited.

So our favourite Sr. Sr Lynette journeyed us through a most beautiful day of reflection about who we are as mothers and the God given Grace we receive. We reflected upon special moments- like the moment when we found out we were pregnant for the first time, the first kicks, special things our grown children say to us. The Tenderness of our ways. The word Tender- what does it bring to the for front of your mind. It was a word mulled over.
This day was not just for young Mums, but for mothers of all ages. There were Grandmas, and new Mums.

When we first walked into the room, there draped over each chair was a blanket to snuggle in to keep warm.

We were spoiled all day, with lovely company, great brewed coffee, beautiful setting, candles and reflection powerpoints. We were fed a wonderful baked lunch, served as well.

We were each given a gift of a beautifully ribbon wrapped candle and chocolates. What a day to reflect relax and enjoy being spoilt by such special people.
It was hard to pack up and go our seperate ways, but carrying the memories and reflections in our hearts we left to tend our families.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

My photo of the Week

No need to say anything further.