Friday, 14 February 2014

The inaugurated the MGLs as a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right.

Last weekend The Missionaries of Gods Love attained the inaugurated the MGLs as a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right. It has been a long process and although we were unable to be there, we were there in spirit. 
This Blog post says it all.

A little gem of a shop

Just recently we were in Melbourne while young Brid was attending a Ballet Summer school program..We were walking through the city streets and stumbled across a most gorgeous little shop in a dark but mysterious little alley way.
We couldn't resist and bought 2 dresses for Brid. Dermot had chosen one and I had chosen the other.I was a little nervous as I'd never purchased a designer dress for her and was concerned about sizing. The sales girl was delightful and reassured me that we could return them if necessary.
So after a lovely mornings, umm afternoons shopping we returned to our apartment just in time to collect Brid from the Ballet school.
These are the dresses we chose and I can tell you, they look lovely on Brid..

Its a gorgeous label called Princess Highway and it is so refreshing to find nice dresses.