Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Christmas Eve

I have been waiting patiently to put this one up. Beer for Santa.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I purchased this Cd for my Mum for Christmas. We listened to it over and over on St Stephens's day. I love it.
Here is the link. here

Sunday, 27 December 2009

The photos of the swings

The construction of the swings commenced in August, after we moved in. It was just an idea. My Dad takes ideas seriously- as well as he is Semi- retired and loves a challenge. He put the plan together, constructed it on paper and purchased the materials. The day arrived. Lots of discussions and lots of digging. A VERY hot day. Lots of Water was needed for our workmen.

The frame was up and time for the seats and the ropes. I am still not fussed with the rope, but in time, it will be changed after negotiations between Grandad and Granddaughter.
Here she is swinging and loving it. We have all had a swing with her. Its a great Swing, very long. And a throw at the very high netball hoop. It is just out of picture on the right hand side. So thanks Dad, great effort. Better than a bought one!!! Made with Love by Grandad and Daddy.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Our Holy Fathers' Homily

We have just read Our Holy Fathers 'Homily, It was very touching.
This is the link

I really liked the last paragraph. ...................Lord Jesus, born in Bethlehem, Come to us. Enter within me. Transform me. Renew me. Change me, change us all from stone and wood into living people, in whom your love is made present and the world is transformed. Amen.

Have a Blessed and Holy Christmas time.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Its all done and Our 1st Saint soon!

We have been very busy this weekend. Actually we are exhausted.
The majority of our pergola is up. Just a small area to erect.
Its been all cleaned and useable. A few hours of elbow grease to clean away cobwebs and remove all the leaves and dirt from the area. and boy! does it give some shade. It stops the sun coming in the glass windows, so the air conditioner isn't working as hard. We feel very Blessed to have it.
The swing set is finished and We- umm! Brid And myself are using it. Its very tall and will be useable for adults for years to come. Thanks Dad.
This weekend I have baked more Shortbread and our Christmas Cake. It took me a while this year, as we have had a difficult situation to sort out. Mum, Dad and myself are the only ones who like Christmas cake, but it adds a gorgeous aroma to this season. Its not the same without it.
Now its time to shop for our favoutite foods for Christmas Day.

And now we have the wonderful news about Blessed Mary McKillop!. She was an amazing women, and one we have studied and enjoyed getting to know over the last few years with resources from the St Josephs Centre and of course the Library. I am thinking a Pilgrimage to North Sydney is definitely on the agenda for us. As my Daughter said Go Mary Mckillop- Bless you.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Our backyard

When we moved we left behind a pool, a pergola and ducted air conditioning.
We wanted to put all these in our new home. The air con was put in 3 weeks after we moved. And boy have we needed with this hot summer.
We have added 2 more wants. A swing and a vege patch.
Yes I know wants, do we really need them no, but it will cut down the mowing!!!!-
So the pool starts next year.
The pergola is the full extent of the house, so lots of outdoor living. We live outside like most Aussies most of the year. I can't wait to eat our meals outside under our pergola! Brid and I do our schooling outside most days, except in the cold weather.
The swing, my Dad and Dermot are putting together. Its made of koppers logs, so it will be strong and able to take a couple of grown up kids on the swings at a time.
So the pergola is still at the construction stage, with the sheets of aluminium going up today. They have been on the job most of the week.
Lots of noise and banging. We have a local friend helping out. Actually, everyone on the 'job' are friends of ours, so its rather a nice friendly environment for us all to be in.
They have consented to a couple of photos, so they will go up on the blog soon.
The vege patch, it will be next cab off the rank, once the swing and pergola are in place.
The pool is a long project, it takes 16 weeks for it to be finished, as we have chosen a concrete pool. Our last one was as well, but there are a couple of variations we needed to address as its a different council area and its 8 years on, and legislation has changed on construction and water tanks.
So this is all happening the week before Christmas. But it truly is not a bother, to have workmen here, but I can't wait to have it too ourselves!!!!!!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Advent Ramblings

Two posts in one day!!
Its been a huge year this year and we are all very weary, but excited by the coming of Our Lord soon.
We have had huge changes this year, and none more than a new Parish.
It could have been hard to get to know everyone at St Christophers', but we have met some lovely couples who have helped us step into ministry fairly quickly.
We also had a very good friend who introduced us to the Parish Priest, so it couldn't have been easier. We did have to actually step outside our comfort zone though, and introduce ourselves.
We now have one of our daughters home for as long as she needs to be here for, so thats huge change again.
So are we ready for Christmas. Yes we are, but..... I have not bought my Presents for my children or family.
Have we made Christmas food. No, but we will.
OUr home is decorated and the Jesse Tree and Nativity has been set up a while.

This is our official last week of school, so thats exciting for Brid and myself.
We have celebrated The advent feast days and have our novenas in place.
Brid and I are reading Advent books, and of course Holy Heroes is a hit.!!!!

So here we are just beginning to think Christmas Presents and cooking.

Happy Advent. Please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Patron Saint for our Family

I was reading Gaes' blog and was inspired to ask for a Patron Saint for 2010, for our family, as she had done.

This morning we received our Patron Saint. It is St Tarcisius. We have been asked to pray for the increased Devotion to the Eucharist.
I was, like Gae, surprised because I was not expecting this one- what was I expecting??

Anyway I shared this with the family, and we decided to research this Saint.

It turned out Brid knew a little bit about him.

She knew he was mobbed and attacked as he took the Blessed Sacrament to the Prisoners in his town. He was killed and his body taken to the safety of the catacombs where Mass was said in secret.

He lived in the 3rd or 4th Century in the time of the Christian Persecutions.

He was an acolyte to the Pope at the time.

Tarcisius is a Saint whose life is an example of courage and devotion.

His story is told again and again as one that may encourage others to continue to have Faith through persecution and suffering for there faith.
We always take our Saint at Summer School in January, but this seemed to be a good way as well.
So St Tarcisius will be our Patron Saint for 2010