Monday, 5 March 2012

St Joseph

This month is the month dedicated to S Joseph.
There are some saints who just surround you, without realising it. Until you become aware of them.
St Joseph is one of these saints.
He has been quite a helper in our family recently. He helped us buy our  home we live in now. He led us to our new church and often I see him on the stain glass windows of a church and have a little giggle. He surrounds us everywhere.
Our new church, is St Josephs. He sits high above the alter. When we were discerning a new parish, we didn't realise that the church, we had attended several times, was named St Josephs'. We were just drawn there.
Recently Dermot bought me a St Joseph statue after many many hints. My last hint was a little like a sledge hammer. I send him an email with my wishlist on it. So our gorgeous statue arrived from Italy a few weeks ago. He sits on our family alter. I was hoping for one smaller than the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but it is not, and I will not complain.

You see when we walked into our new home, it has everything that we asked for and more. We prayed and said novenas for the right home.
I promised I would honour St Joseph and tell of this story to everyone, because there were two quite significant sticking points that were ironed out without a problem, during the buying process.
I know God is in control, but St Joseph certainly partitioned for us.
He is a good friend like many saints can be to us.
Brid has her favourite saint that chose her. The Queen of All Saints- Mother Mary, has lead me to her Son from a very young age. What saint has been significant in your life?
St Joseph is the patron of many things. A Happy death, the Universal Church, Fathers, Social Justice and of course Carpenters. He certainly had a big impact on Jesus in his formative years. He lead him and his mother to safety in there time of need and listened to God for direction.
I thank St Joseph everyday for guiding and partitioning for us. St Joseph Pray for us.

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