Thursday, 25 March 2010

Stations of the Cross at home

We missed our Lenten Stations of the Cross this week.
I looked at the clock 10.40. 15mins to drive there, I wasn't organised, and the rush would have made it too stressful. It started at 11am.
But today on the Annunciation I felt very drawn to walk the Stations.
As we were coming up to lunchtime, I suggested how about we say the Stations here at the kitchen bench. It just seemed the right thing to do- a mum preparing a meal and meditating on the Passion.
It was incredible how moving it was to speak, with feeling in our voices, and it bought several tears to our eyes and lumps in our throats. I could hear Brids' voice quivver.
Whilst I was listening or reading, I was drawn to Our Lady in the Passion of her Son. Her sorrow. Her grief. It brought me to a place of my own struggles and sorrows, but it also gave me strength in a strange way, and a new clarity on our present situation.
Amazing how a Devotion that I say often, can have a different meaning, just when it is needed.
Thank You Lord for this moment.


Lloyd said...

Just dropped by. I really enjoyed reading your blog. May God continue to bless you. Lloyd

Leanne said...

thank you Loyd. Pleased you enjoyed visiting.