Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Our week in Queensland and other stuff

You may ask, how are we travelling with school? You may not.
But my answer would be, pretty good.

Brid is becoming more and more self motivated, as the term goes on. I think you call it maturity! I spend less and less time teaching, as she is on cue with each subject. It actually makes me feel a litle guilty, as once shown the guidelines and expectations, she is fairly capable of keeping the momentum going. I did spend a lot of time with her in the early years helping, planning and developing her skills. So it is finally paying off. Am I spouting off - maybe, but we have journeyed to a new place, an exciting place.
This freedom for me allows me to work on virtues a lot more closely. As I am not in the thick of books, I can see what needs affirming or correcting.
Today at the end of lessons, Brid thanked God for fun lessons. Was I taken back, yes, but thankful in her enjoyment.
So what has this to do with Queensland.
Last week, I resourced several books including Australian Traveller books and we are in Queensland in its heat, rainforests and its reefs. This is an area Brid has taken on herself. She is happy reading to herself, but occasionally we sit and read together.
So today, she put pen to paper --or should I say hand to keyboard and began. Drafting her ideas was yesterday,
Tomorrow will be using IEW to critique her sentences her paragraphs and dress up her work.
It looks pretty good so far.
This year, we settled into a 3 day week. These 3 days are very full, but we make sure we have plenty of breaks.
Earlier in the year I purchased Latina Christiana with the DVD. Great purchase.It is a nice way of finishing of Mondays.
Classics for Kids completes Tuesdays. It's relaxing and often Brid will either listen further or inspire her on the piano.
Sports, Irish Dance and Music is Wednesdays. So we limit this day to Maths and Bible. This means its fairly stress free- and no 'hurry up, we will be late', from me.
Art completes the week, on Friday. Its a 40 min drive away, so just Maths & Saint reader.
It has been easy settling in to the school groove.
Beyond the school day, we just as most homeschoolers do, take the time to have teaching moments. I now strongly believe everything can be a teachable moment, its just a matter of embracing that moment.


Renelle said...

What great wisdom and hope this message gives to me who feels very much in the thick of basic skills and struggles with finding that perfect fit in regards to resources. It must be a good feeling to see the benefits of all your efforts over the years. We are using the Australian Book Traveller but have just finished the Northern Territory. Was there ever a subject or skill that you and Brid had difficulty with? Am I wrong in thinking that educating your children is a matter of taking a day at a time, not to worry if Carter doesn't always get things straight off or worry that his handwriting is slow developing? Were there particular resources you've used that you loved? Take Care

Butterfly said...

Just writing to say a quick "Hi" ... we're on our way out. It's lovely to hear that your year has gotten off to a good start.

Even though my children are only 4 and 5, I know what you mean about the difference changes in maturity make ... Jasmine now often sets herself up working happily before I'm ready to start (in the midst of washing up etc). Elijah is back to his positive self after a tricky year of resistance.

:) Vanessa

Leanne said...

Thanks Vanessa,
nice to here from you. Its nice to see things coming together.