Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Our journey in NSW

What a journey this has been. It has been lots of fun looking at landmarks and places we have visited. Such places as Sights in Sydney, the Hunter river, Blue Mountains, Fitzroy Falls, Goulburn. Brid is reviewing NSW this week and has enjoyed her discoveries.

Our favourite book is My Place- Nadia Wheatley The best part about it is just travelling in the same area and watching it grow, and then discovering that it was the place WYD08 held many of its events in that week. I volunteered for this week, and as I was stationed at Barangaroo, I got to see it fairly empty in the mornings @ 8am or so.

We were both very delighted to be able to google this area of Barangaroo, and to see the 'Big Tree', still growing. It was the landmark that positioned us, the reader, in every new decade and page that Nadia took us too.
This is what Barangaroo is famous for of late.The main sight for WYD08. To the mid left of the photo, would be where the big tree would be located.

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