Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I have blogged about Brid and her triumphs and some of her struggles.
I think we have reached a time of maturity, where it is finally coming together for her.
Timestables is one of these areas. 'Times clocks' was a method I was shown many years ago with our eldest daughter. So naturally this is where I went with Brid as well, but it didn't work with her.
We have used various methods since, with Brid, but nothing seemed to work. We started getting nervous, why isn't this clicking for her? What's going on? So I raised this with Dermot. He suggested we challenge her to 'PB'-personal best herself. So I implemented it.
I drew up a chart with the numbers 1 to 12 across the top and 10 ruled vertical rows, making a box chart. Each time she PB's herself, she puts the scote in the appropriate box.
I have marked 3 circles onto A4 paper and numbered around the circles randomly. Its best to do it randomly, so they learn the answers out of order.
The challenge is for each timestable time to be under 40 seconds.
So we began 3 times clocks / day. we would put x11, x3 ,x7, for example and time her.
She was a little disheartened at first, because her times where high, but we encouraged and perservered. She is now down to just over 40s with most tables.
It has made a huge difference to her Maths equations.
So the success for us, was when we heard the words 'Timestables are fun, can I do some more'.
Smiles all around.

We have has similar success with Spelling. When Brid writes on the computer, I ask her not to spell check, but work out the spelling first herself. I know this is because our approach has been very relaxed. So again Success. Great Job Brid!!!


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

We are in the same boat!
Our Mary Helen just successfully got through her 7's today in record time!
Yay to your Brid for her perseverance!

Leanne said...

Its been a journey,but she is happy with her success. Well done Mary Helen!