Monday, 1 March 2010

Australia in depth

This term we are focusing on Australia, and we are using Australian Traveller as a spine.

We have travelled to the Northern Territory and we are so far enjoying the sights.

We are preparing to fly to Queensland. The books have been purchased from the library as well, as a few extras. Before we leave, however, we are reporting our findings. Since we started using IEW, this has become an easy task.

Today I asked Brid to write a page summarising this state. I was surprised at her joy in doing this.

Brid suggested that we place Australia in focus this year. Usually we focus on several countries per year, for geography. We have achieved this in various different ways throughout the years, From lapbooks, to posters, to notebooking, a book series- My australian story.

Last year, we chose to write each country up in an exercise book. Several countries were covered, in this way.

So as an offshoot of this, we will pause and study AUSTRALIA in depth. There is so much we can discover.

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