Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Precious gift

Today Brid & I finally attended Latin Mass for the first time in months. It is celebrated every 1st Tuesday of the month, at our local Cathedral. Various reasons has prevented us from attending.
Today was a special day.
As I had said previously, we are slowly making connections in our new parish.
Two dear ladies from our parish spoke to us after Mass. They are both very sweet women. One of the ladies, remembers us from when we had our older ones at the local Catholic school. In fact, my eldest dd was in her eldest grand childs class. So the connection is there.
She is always concerned for us. How are you settling in??
The other dear lady, had a book in her hand, and began explaining it to me. I was very interested as it was reflecting on the wounds of Jesus. Then she placed it into my hand, and said 'I want you to have it. I know you need it'. I was so touched by her generous heart and how she was spirit lead in her gesture.
And here I am thinking, we are not fitting in. Will we ever fit in here?
Why do I worry, God has little angels around to do his work, like these women. God Bless them.

Oh by the way, the little book is called " By his wounds you are healed."

Praise God In this day.

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Renelle said...

Hi Leanne,
In the mad rush of life it is important to reflect on the day's infinite beauty. That was one of those beautiful moments when you realise God is watching over you and what you need ceaselessly. He always knows just when we need something special like that.
We are in a similar situation where we don't feel completely settled at our local church but at the same time feel confident in God. I guess it is a longing for it to feel like it did when we were in another church, place and time. When that previous church felt like home. But I guess it takes time and care to build a home!. A Season for everything.