Wednesday, 17 March 2010

ST Patricks' Day

Well today, is a great celebration of the Irish, and what St Patrick did in Ireland-driving out pagan ways.
But my aim is not to get theological on you all...
On a secular note, its just a day to let your hair down and enjoy the music, the food the Guiness.

What will we be doing???

Quitely celebrating until, we head to Sydney to see an awesome Irish Band -The Saw Doctors.
Brid will go to my parents home before hand. She herself has a celebration at her Irish Dancing school, So my Dad will take her along to that.
So The Saw Doctors it will be, @ a little venue with lots of Irish people and people of all cultures as well, all celebrating A FEAST DAY. Enough said. Thats my tongue firmly in cheek comment today.
Have a wonderful St Patricks Day and may he Bless you and your families.

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