Thursday, 1 April 2010

Seder Meal

Tonight before we got ready for Mass, to Celebrate the Lords' Supper, we had a Seder meal.
A few weeks ago, Brid was looking through our copy of Lent & Easter in the Domestic Church.
She particularly liked The Seder Meal.
She wanted to organise it herself, (as much as she could).
So this afternoon Brid began organising our dinner table, setting the table with a nice tablecloth, choosing the best crockery, cutlery and glassware. Setting up bowls, candles, carafes, different spices, cushions for us to lounge with.
Then came all the fidderly bits. All the parts of the meal.
We had a roasted meal. Used unleaven bread as it was called for in the meal, and the nutty apple mixture.
It was a lovely occasion, and really set our mood for this evening. In fact, we would like to do this again, as it was a little rushed, as we needed to leave in plenty of time for Mass.
We thought we had left plenty of time for the readings. Anyway, Dermot led the readings for the meal as was asked in the instructions.
I would encourage you all the do this lovely tradition.

This is our first Easter weekend away from our last church. We are embracing the changes and seeing the goodness in the 'church', God placed us in.

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