Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mary woman and mother

The last few weeks Broken Bay Dioceses has been advertising its latest e-conference. Mary- First Disciple. I was thinking, how can I do this. I just didn't want to go somewhere and sit uncomfortably and watch a presentation on a screen. Well, I saw my regular news feature and the advertisement yet again, and after consulting my live in computer whizz- my dear hubbie, I thought why not, lets view it. Problem was we had appointments and scheduled activities.
After getting all the 'stuff', out of the way, we sat and watched the conference. It was brilliant. Fr Francis Moloney was the keynote speaker. He discussed Mary in context of the writings of the Gospels and the 1st century, he talked of the geneology and its importance, and unpacked Luke and Johns 'gospels very well.
Sr Margaret Ghosm a Maronite Sister from the order of The Holy family, discussed Eastern Icons. Fascinating.
I truly recommend viewing this while you can Mary first disciple.
Mary has played a huge part in my walk with of Faith, so I know she was pushing me today.
Ava Maria.

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