Monday, 3 May 2010

Mary Our Mother

This is Our Ladys' month, I read these words today in my 'Mary Vitamin'. They really resonated with me. They are just such simple things. I know I don't get to do all the Marian things every day, so this gave me great comfort. Our Lady has played a huge part in my walk of faith. She has always been there guiding me to her Son, so this is posted in her honour.
' If we want to imitate Our Lady's true clients, we must not fail to take a part in the special veneration that the Church then pays to the heavenly Mother.'
It's time to take advantage of the graces available to me during the Month of May. I will make one small effort to do something Marian for this month, every day. Even if it is something as small as keeping a vase with one flower in front of my image of the Blessed Virgin or one extra Hail Mary a day.

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