Thursday, 27 May 2010

childcare Kitgum servants

Early this week, we were privileged to catch up with an amazing women, Irene Gleeson, who sold up her home in Sydney 20 years ago, to feed, wash and cloth children in Uganda.
It was an honour and delight to sit in her presence and listen to her story. She started under a tree, lived in a caravan living in fear of her life, now she has a complete township, several schools, and has saved 1000s of childrens lives.
She is completely reliant on The Lord for providing for these children.
She has no government sponsorship and somehow seems to get all types of works completed, including buildings built, a church, bores dug for fresh water, supplies come in the children.
She has an amazing vision and is always open to the plan Our Lord has for her ministry.
She is in Australia til the end of the week, and will return in December and is bringing with her Exodus- he is a Chritian rap artist, one of her children from Uganda.
Have a look at her website.
I am insoired by her determination.

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