Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Uluru and the flies!!!!!

On our way to Uluru-
The next day we travelled 4 – 5 hours to Uluru- but we would stay, with all other guests at Yulara- 8 kms from Uluru. On our way down the Stuart Highway, we saw a sign saying 130 kms / hr. Dermot & I both looked twice and thought, Ok, you beauty, we'll do that. It was so flat and the roads so straight that it was safe. We saw a few road trains- Heavy trucks all linked together. We were warned of these. I was surprised at how green it was along on the road side, and beyond, but the Landscape did begin to change to a more rocky outlook.
Mt Ebenezar was where we got our first real taste of real aboriginal art work. The people around this are the emu people. Everything is associated with the Emu.
We first caught a glimpse of Uluru before Mt Connor lookout, but this was a place, you could take your photos. It was Amazing. I was excited and overcome with its enormity already. Particularly as it was still 120kms away!
We arrived At Yulara and after having a quick look around the complex- which was massive, we decided to see Uluru by sunset. Why not, everyone else was. There is a sunset carpark!! We arrived and there were so many cars in the carpark. We found our vantage point, the girls climbed onto the cars roof, and sat and drew and watched the sunset over this massive rock. Next day, it was a bright idea by someone- umm not me, to see this massive rock by sunrise!!!! I am not a morning person, so It was a huge challenge, but achieved and It was amazing to watch the rock change colour as the light fell upon it. This was also the day we did the 10.4kms walk around the base. The indigenous people asked us not to climb the Rock, and we respected that. It was the most spiritual feeling, to be present in this part of Australia. The walk was expected to take 4-5 hours, we steadily walked it in 2 hrs 17 min. We stopped for water and break stops and sat in awe of this great Icon. On the four corners of the rock, where men's and women's sacred sites. You could only just imagine the significance of these places to the indigenous people of our land.
There was a very informative cultural centre, which really told the story of the dreamtime animals associated with this area. The lizard and the black snake.
Dermot and our friend Garry, decided to go to The Olgas. Myself, the children and Bev, his wife, decided the pool, and a rest with a possible glass of wine was a nice idea. We knew we had a long day the next day beginning before day break, at 5am, so we paced ourselves, as wise women do. It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours, and it recharged our batteries.
We headed back to Alice to catch the plane home, and finish our most wonderful exciting, never to be forgotten holiday. So I share this with you. I hope you all enjoy my rambling. Oh I didn't tell you about the FLIES. They were very loving- lots and lots of them- everywhere.


Mum2eight said...

I just told Steve that you can do 130 on the road to Uluru and my 16 year old son, Sam said, you want to go there just to drive that fast hey mum?

Great photos. We are much closer to Uluru than you and haven't been there yet. Hopefully we will get there one day. Was the weather very warm?

Leanne said...

It was lovely weather. Not too hot. My mum and dad are travellig there atm, on thr strength of our visit.
130 kms, yep it was fun, straight straight roads. weird though going that speed. I must add it was safe!

Michelle said...

I want to get there some day. Sounds like it would be worth staying for a whole week.
Did Dermot like the Olgas?

Leanne said...

I reckon a week would be just long enough. Dermot did enjoy the olgas.