Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Art Class

All year a couple of ladies and myself,  have been gathering with our children, at a very talented artists home/art studio, on a Friday, to study Art Design. Did I mention she is a homeschooling Mum as well. So us Mums' work alongside our children, and create and design our own artwork. Neat hey!
Each term has been broken into 4 areas of art design.
Last term we discovered the colour wheel, shade charts, used paints in such a new way, learnt about different art mediums- gouche', charcoal, graphite, to name a few,  and how to embellish and bring out different aspects of our work.
This term is photography. It is week 1 and I am excited about how to use our cameras to a whole new level.

Bernie majored in both photography and printmaking in her degree, and her work is beautiful. She has taught us to look at how a piece of art needs to be thought about and set up before plunging in and beginning to create.
I love to draw bold big designs, and now I can see how to balance my wotk more. I am definitely not the little tiny flowers and detail girl, but I still can use these concepts to emhance my deisgns.
Bernie has a website I would like to draw your attention to it , just to see her work. Enjoy.


Michelle said...

Learning from such gifted people is indeed a privilege.

Leanne said...

Absolutely. just loving the gift we have been given this year