Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Morning Coffee Habit

Dermot & I are very Blessed to be able to share our Morning Coffee together. Dermot works from home, and has done most of our married life.
We started sharing a coffee as a form of chatting when the children were little, staying connected. We claimed it as our time. We even took the phone off the receiver in the early days. It was our special time alone together. No children allowed. The children knew this and would leave us alone for that time.
Sometimes on weekends they would come to the door. "its been long enough". We would laugh, and probably it was long enough.
It is still our time, We continue to claim it as ours, but now we have invited another person to sit with us.
No it is not a child......

We have asked God to come into our coffee time so we can hear his word, ponder on it, and share our insights with each other.

So every morning while Brid starts her school day, we sit down together, coffee in hand and we read to each other.
We read the reflection set out first.
Then Dermot & I take it in turns to read each reading from the Bible, and it is always he who reads the Gospel.
We have been subscribing to the Word among us for a while, but it is always very nice to share it together.
We tend to find it opens up a conversation for us.
We have been sharing our morning coffee now with God since the beginning of the  year and it has now become a habit.


Sue Elvis said...

I love this Leanne! Every now and then Andy and I read a book together: he reads out loud, a chapter at a time and then we discuss it. It is a great way to share and to talk about something other than kids and education! It's even better if its a religious book and, as you very beautifully put it, invite God to sit with us. Sometimes we take our book up to the cafe and talk about it over a good cup of coffee. Can't wait to see you next week! God bless!

Leanne said...

Thanks Sue,
We are enjoying it. Its been good for us both.
I will miss it next week though. Dermot has photocopied the pages I need for me. I am looking forward to seeing you as well. God Bless you too

Mum2eight said...

This is a wonderful idea Leanne.

Steve and I have coffee together in the afternoon when he gets home from school.

I think we will start doing this too.

Leanne said...

That sounds great therese, coffee in the afternoon is often sprinkled with disruptions. I hope it works for you. God Bless