Thursday, 28 April 2011

LIght to the Nations Holy Saturday

pilgrims to have there feet washed

Jesus is Crucified

These photos are used by permission of a friend.

Saturday began as a hard day,
although we got up after sleeping well, we had several difficulties before arriving at the big tent.
All of which are normal on a pilgrim journey.
So a 2km walk up Rosary Hill was next. I might add here that my leg and hip were hurting, but I knew this was just an attack to stop me fully taking part in this pilgrimage. So Fr Ken Barker asked us to consider which of the 5 groups we would like to be in.  Those, going with Icon of our lady of Perpetual Succour, singing group, contemplative prayer, Rosary group and the talking group. They were spaced 5 mins apart. It was most amazing to see the groups ahead and behind you, it reminded me of WYD05- Cologne.  There were tall dead thistles and ground covering thistle weeds on the entire walk up the hill. It was hard to avoid them. People had gone up before us and slashed a track for us. It symbolised keeping on the right path in our faith journey and the little side tracks we would make along the way. The stones that got into your shoes, the thistles that somehow worked their way up my trouser leg, the pain in my leg, and the headache, and sun beating down at me. It was symbolic and it made me very aware of our Christian walk.

When we finally arrived at the top, after 5 decades of the Rosary we were welcomed by Blessed be the name of the Lord...being sung by the singing group.  I was taken aback by the gorgeous enormous Crucifix at the top. WOW. When we all arrived we were led in prayer by Fr Ken and it was quite apt that he chose the beatitudes. We were on the top of a hill, with 360 degree views. We are Jesus’ disciples.  Then we were led in the Rosary. It again was quite moving. Did I say, that I cried, again. We walked down the Hill once I had organised Brid a lift. She had an Asthma attack on the way up the hill. She was instructed to get a lift back with the people who brought up the speakers etc. So that done, Dermot & I walked down the hill with Sr Kate. A late entry vocation. Providence I tell you. She knew our new Parish Priest- who himself is a late entry vocation.  God has a brilliant sense of humour. 

Saturday afternoon saw us lunching, sharing in our share groups, oh, and there was a LTTN expo tent & shop- ohhh very exciting,  and preparing ourselves, by several witness talks, for Vigil Mass. We were asked to look in to ourselves and let Jesus into the tombs of our life’s that we haven’t let Jesus into before.
Youth Mission team did there very realistic drama, and an amazing witness talk, by a women who was cured at Lourdes. Absolute miracle. 
Priests continued to offer the Sacrament of confession throughout the whole day.  And finally we started our 3 and half hour Easter vigil, with the lighting of the candles. Blessing of the water for the Baptism of a very small Nicholas. It was his Mums wish for her baby son to be baptised at LTTN, as she had attended every LTTN herself. All the splendour of the Easter Vigil, with the most glorious Music and a Baptism and a Confirmation of a young man.. All ending very late, but hey were else were we to go. We were in the middle of nowhere, no mobile reception, No were to drive to, so we could just enter into this Holy night and soak up all its beauty. As we sang the Alleluia for the first time in weeks, I remembered the Alleluia we had put away and were going to unwrap when we got home.


Sue Elvis said...

Wow! What a wonderful weekend you all experienced. I can just imagine your Easter joy. Alleluia! Alleluia!

I didn't know Brid suffers from asthma. I hope she recovered quickly.

Love to you all.

Leanne said...

Thanks SUE, Yes Alleluia!
Brid is affected from time to time. Its why she didn't participate so much in the sports day at camp.