Sunday, 17 April 2011

Give and receive

Do you recycle your clothing? Do you sort and wonder whether to let go of those items or not? All those memories attached to each item?

When Brid was a baby, I sort of knew she could be our last. You jusy know. So I kept her 'oooo', her 'ooo', even when she was too big for them. Mind you, she was a little baby, so she fitted into them for some time. I think, I still have some items to this day, in my memory box.
A few years ago a special friend would give me all her youngest daughters cast offs.
They were always welcome, especially with 4 children and 3 teenagers demands on the household economy.
We have always supported St Vincent de Paul society, and handed in our clothes, blankets, bedding, all types of items over the years. When we moved we gave them so many used and loved items. I truly hope they went to a good home, where they were needed.
Our children have always been spoilt by there Grandma and Grandad in the way of clothing. Don't all Grandparents.
So the children always had several really nice outfits, to wear  to Mass and special occasions.

As Brid is the only one at home now, we have no one to hand her clothes down to. Each time Brid says "Mum it is too small". We both have a sad face at each other, because it was another one of our favourites.
Each item has special memories. "remember when we bought that?"
"Oh Mum remember, when we went there. I was wearing that skirt and top".
How we place importance on an outfit, but maybe its just the memory that is associated with the item of clothing. Its like history.
So I have had several bags of clothes in my wardrobe awaiting sorting.
I finally got the courage to undertake this task and sorted them.
It was a trip down memory lane.
I had been praying for a family to give these loved items too and finally it was revealed to me.
So now they are with there new owners and beginning new memories for another family.

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Sue Elvis said...

Leanne, your generosity has resulted in so much joy and happiness for our younger girls. Sophie feels so very special and really appreciates her new winter (and next summer's) wardrobe. I know how difficult it is to part with clothes that have memories attached to them. Thank you for passing them on to us even though they still mean so much to you. We treasure the love that came with each beautiful item of clothing. May God bless you!