Friday, 29 April 2011


This is my last post about this awesome pilgrimage. I would do it again in a flash, an guess what we will.
Easter Sunday:-       He is Risen.
May God truly Bless you this Easter Season. A very special gift awaited us this Sunday morning. We were about to have Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament and be commissioned to go out into our communities to evangelising our own sphere of the world.

We were called be Light to the Nation and evangelise at every opportunity. So close on 900 pilgrims registered and now we are send out to every state and territory. Did I mention there was someone from Papua New Guinea?

So we left after helping our friends take their tents down, for the long drive home. We listened to the Matt Maher Cds we purchased at LTTN. 
 We arrived home to a warm cosy house, 2 cats and Louise driving up the driveway to spend some time with her weary family for Easter. Even though we were very tired, it was so good to see our Louise. She was very keen to exchange Chocolate Eggs and share our very humble simple meal.

So there ended our pilgrimage and we could rest over the extended long weekend until Wednesday.  All because of ANZAC day falling on the Easter weekend.  It saw our first Leg of Lamb roast meal with my parents, Monday and  very chilled out day Tuesday.

So in your journey with Jesus may you be receiving Passion, Death, Resurrection and New Life. This is the Christian walk. Dying to self, passing on into new life and celebrating the newness in the Risen Christ.   EASTER BLESSINGS.


Michelle Downunder said...

Dearest Leanne,
I remember the Good Friday service that you took me to a few years ago. I was very moved by the Catholic service even though it is not the type of church I normally worship at.
The thing that struck me was the reverence. I attended an Anglican church this year at Easter. That was also much more traditional than I was used to but the older I get the more I enjoy learning about the meanings behind some traditions.



Leanne said...

Michelle, Thank you so much..You and your family are in my Prayers often..I Loved you coming and attending Mass with us. It was very special