Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Light to the nations Good Friday

Good Friday morning saw everyone assemble at the Massive tent that had been erected earlier in the week, ready to begin the Stations of the Cross. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was about to be blown away. A renactment that would move us to tears again. So real you could almost touch taste and see Jesus, his Mother, the women of Jerusalem, Veronica, and the whole process. We were the crowd and that was emotional to witness. I struggle with the scourging and saying the words crucify him. I just cringe but by our sins he has been brutally crucified. When our friend- who played Mary held her Son, Jesus, in her arms I wept and was very moved, unable to say the prayer and reflection. Brid was moved so much, she needed to be part of it. It was obvious she was deeply touched by it all.
Dermot & I walked down the hill afterwards quietly and unable to talk, just holding hands contemplating.
                             The Passion of Our Lord was summed up in this photo.

The night began with the Bishop of Goulburn Canberra addressing us, and reading an address from Our Holy Father. The MGL’s Priests are 6 months away from being a recognised order, and Pope Benedict sent his Blessings upon this pilgrimage. So all those years ago, Fr Ken had a call to start this Order and now it is being recognised, and being given the churches stamp of approval.

Confessions were being held all afternoon and into the evening, and it was amazing to see a queue of some 100 penitents’, at least. We had 15 Priest hearing confessions they were stationed outside the tent, beside fire drums, with blankets wrapped around them. They did keep them warm, but we were worried about our Priests as it was 7 degrees at 9pm. This saw the organisers suspend confessions til the next day.  Brid asked me, “Are you going to confession”. “yes”, I said. “Well my share group leader said ‘bolt as soon as they say we can’ ”.  OK I thought. She dragged my hand & we were in the line.  

Healing prayers were being offered in another areas of the tent for those who wanted this ministry.  I usually love this ministry, but I was so tired Bed seemed a much better option, so we took the opportunity on Friday evening to settle to sleep much earlier than most, as we knew we had a big day Saturday.

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