Monday, 18 April 2011

13 years

Brid Mairead was born 1309hrs, 13 years ago today. She was a little overdue, but  ever so small when she was born. I called her my Angel from Heaven. Brid was born the day after my birthday, so she was my birthday present 13 years ago.
We have savored every moment of her life, we have celebrated every milestone and thoroughy enjoyed and cherished this gift God gave to us.
Brid age 6, on the steps of our pool.
Today you have reached another milestone. You have turned 13.
We celebrated with family and friends.
We surprised you with special gifts, with your sister travelling home, just to see you on your birthday and with even more friends coming to share your birthday tonight.
Brid you are so very Blessed and so are we to have you as our daughter.
May God Bless you abundantly today and always..

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Sue Elvis said...

Happy Birthday to our dear friend, Brid xxx