Thursday, 8 October 2009

It was a great homeschool camp

Last week Brid and I drove to Fitzroy Falls for the September camp. It was a great week, filled with many blessings.
To begin with we celebrated some wonderful Feast days. The Archangels, Our Guardian Angels, St Therese of Liseux, to name just a few.
back to the beginning- We didn't think we would make it on time, as Brid was on a go slow, and wasn't ready when we planned to go--is she in homeschool mode-yes!
We were given a caravan for the week, but quickly changed to a room, attached to the 2nd Auditorium. Meaning, a hot shower and facilities without going out in the cold. YES. And the second night, we had a sleep over at a friends' room- thanks Kathleen.
The weather-
It was cold, but it warmed up, and at least it was dry.
Mass started the camp. We had Fr Bernard Murphy as our spiritual director, and he was great. He really enjoyed his role.
Every day we had Mass at 7.30am, and Holy hour at 3.30pm, consisting of Benediction and the Rosary. It was very peaceful hour.
We had young boy make his First holy Communion- he was very excited, but very reverent. It was a very special day.
The parents were asked to keep there children with them for Chapel times, which was a very wise idea. It really made it a much more reverent time for us all.
So our Souls were fed, now the meals. they were healthy and nutritiously made. There was so much food, I have been on a diet all week. We were constantly being fed.
Next the Theme of the week was Little House on the prairie and The Bush boys.
The girls made cushions or dolls depending on there age. the 7-9 year olds had a Tea party, which the older girls really wanted to join in on. They were adorable sitting politely and drinking and eating correctly. gorgeous.
Brid was in the older girls group, so she made quilt cushions and rag mats.
The boys learnt bush skills and to top it all off, they slept out on the oval. It really kept the boys occupied all week.
The teens visited a local nursing home, learnt Shakespeare and performed it, and had wonderful talks. Scott gave them a talk on Pro-life Australia and they learnt some home truths on the Internet, ipods and mobile phones.Very encouraging talks.
The adults also had wonderful spiritual talks and practical help on different areas of homeschooling.
Brid loved her daily spiritual talk on the Saints. They were explained the process to Sainthood.
Of course there was the necessary bookshop. Very hard to resist it, it certainly was very successful this time around.
All round we had a great week, tiring, but enjoyable.
We didn't hear the news all week. We were in a bubble.
But the best part of the week was coming home to find Dermot waiting for us, to share a cuppa and talk about our weeks apart.
Dermot surprised me on the first night of camp, by giving me a pillow he asked Brid to give to me. It was a heart shaped pillow basically saying how much his life was empty unless I was in it. So needless to say, I had tears in my eyes that night as we were settling off to sleep.


Cindy said...

Sounds exciting.


Leanne said...

thank you we had a great week