Sunday, 11 October 2009

Jesus all about Life and Bathurst

It had been a tradition in my family upbringing to watch battle of the race drivers and cars, at Mt Panorama, Bathurst, NSW. It was a real family day.
I didn't follow it so much as our family was smaller, but the last few years, its been a day event.
It is such a changable race.
I figure Dermot has football all footie season, and every other sporting event, so I get my one and only racing day.
Its been fun explaining the history and the whys' to Dermot, who didn't grow up in this country, so the culture is different.
Anyway, we noticed this morning that 'Jesus all about life', has a car in the race. We were delighted to see this.
I figured all they needed to do was stay in the race for as long as possible, to get the name Jesus out there as often as the commentators announces the orders of the cars in the race.
Unfortunately, the team didn't last as long as wewould have liked, oh well.
BUT it was great to see God come first, with prayer, at the beginning of the race, before our national anthem. That was a real win.
So what is Jesus all about life and why in a car race?
it is Eucumenical. All churches working together.
In NSW we have a campaign at the moment, to place the name Jesus all about Life on every church building and Church associated school in NSW, everywhere we can, so everyday people get to see the word Jesus and ask who is he? Its sad in a way.
It was meant to be a local campaign, but it got bigger.
There are TV and radio campaigns as well, placed on at high viewing TV times. Its not meant for conversion, just for awareness and bring Jesus into every home. Our local church keeps getting its banner defaced, or removed. So intimidated by this campaign are some people.
So many of our children who are educated in state or government school do not know the name Jesus. He is so far from peoples' minds in this fast lifestyle we lead as a society these days.
I heard recently that Europe is fast becoming an Islamic culture. Why is this ? They all attend church and pray.!! alarming that, that we as a whole are choosing not to do either. I for one intend to bring all my family to heaven, but in this climate of me me me, want want want it is hard to keep there minds and thoughts on the ultimate reward- heaven. This is particularly true for our older teens caught up in this untruth and the culture of death. Another reason why Homeschooling is a winner.
This is why Jesus all about Life being involved in this worldwide event is so important.

thank you, I will now get down from my soapbox.

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