Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A new day -Tuesday

Today got off to a great start . Brid was up on time, Dermot was ready for work and out the door early, I have had a morning coffee and Thanked Our Lord for helping me get a very good sleep.

We had welcomed Our Lord into our day.

Already Brid has completed, her Faith reader, English subjects, and is working on Maths, and its only 0950hrs. I use a timer for maths. I break the lesson into 10 min timeslots, including a 20 min morning tea break. It helps her concentration.

We finished all our book work by 11.30am.

So during break, she has been beating her own record and trying to get from the bottom of our 'close'- street, up our driveway in record time, today she succeeded.

So in came a very happy girl ready to complete her maths lesson for the day.

We will revise the eye with a quiz today, and then history will take up the rest of our schooling day.

We plan to start a new reader this term. Anne of Green Gables- it is used in Serendipity for young Ladies. We will start the book, but leave the Study until next year.

There is a great site called kidshealth.org. It has cool experiments, quizzes and info. I use there worksheets. The Human body has been a fun unit of study this last 2 terms.

Now its down time, nearly 12md, Brid is perusing a human body book, called How the Incredible Human Body works- its a DK book. Very easy fun read and laughing and saying 'guess what Mum'.
History took us all of 10 mins, so after looking at Julius Caesar we decided to look at the play. luckily I knew exactly where to look. Mater Ambalis has Shakespeare notes. So we will look at those now, while we have a drink of tea and juice.
Oh we nearly forgot The Angelus.
We read shakespeare notes, but it wasn't very successful.
so its 1pm and we have had a very smooth day, lots of interjections and healthy questioning. Anne Of Green Gables certainly posed some interesting thoughts.
Our schooling day is now complete.
Now relax. oh hang on ...... there is..... yes housework to do.

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