Monday, 19 October 2009

What did we achieve today

It was Day 1 of Term 4, and after getting up a little tired from tooo many sleep ins- but hey thats what holidays are for- we started at 9am. on time, good start.
We welcomed God into our school day.
Brid read her Saint reader, St Claire & St Francis, she managed her dictation and Language arts by 10am.
We went through her Maths Lesson, and she worked on the allocated questions I set her each day.
Brid had a break at 10.30. Brid played on her bike and had morning tea. I was doing the Business Statement. It needed to done by the end of the week, so Today was the day. So I worked through her breaktime.
Maths continued for a little while after Break. Cuppa for me as I finish my work off.
Next comes History links- Julius Caesar. We read and talked about him, and as Brids favourite Latin saying is 'veni vidi vici'- I came I saw I conquered, We had a bit of fun with that and played around with what we knew about him.
The dishwasher man arrived to fix the machine at 11.45am. Another distraction, her first was being distracted by her extended morning tea break. Anyway Distraction 2 out of the way, We had lunch, all together,
Then we had blood and guts, we are doing the eye at the moment- well that was fun. The book had lots of cool games and experiments to do, so we spent far too long laughing at each other, and being distracted.
Our last lesson was Latin. Its always fun, because we talk to each other in Latin, and Brid is getting very good. She beats me hands down. We are only on Prima Latina, but its been rather successful. We have 6 lessons left for the year, and as we try to do 1 a week, it shoud be completed this year. At the moment, we have Latin words up all over the family room walls.
I squeezed in the last 3 pages of St Patricks' Summer. Thats Brids' favourite time, cuddling on the lounge and reading. It was an excellent book, with a lovely story line and a surprising ending.
So thats our school day today. It isn't always so full, but today is 'stay at home day', so I make the most of it.

Tomorrow will be another matter. It will hold its own challenges, and Friday will not exist, as we are off to Canberra.

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