Thursday, 10 September 2009

A breath of fresh air

Over the past few years I have searched for a history program that will best suit our needs. I have been toying with several ways to teach history for some time, but it needed to fill the criteria of being Catholic.

We had already completed up until Rome, but I needed a break from trying to get all the work to line up together.

I was at a friends house looking at the Diana Waring curriculum, and it dawned on me that, that is what would really suit us. I discerned about this and decided to contact several friends and the authors to get there takes.

I prayed about it and knew God would lead me to the right one. So just before we moved homes, I ordered History Links.

We are delighted with this because it covers nearly every subject, and at different levels, so as it says in the blurb, it covers all grades. In looking at the content of the 1st series on Rome, I knew we had covered much of it, so we skimmed over, doing the important and fun things.

I like the fact, it is broken into different sections and that I know exactly where we are heading.

I have Brid using the computer much more for headings and researching, copying pasting and she is really dlivering some great work.

Her spirits have increased, her confidence has increased and she looks forward to history and all the material it encompasses.

Brid wants to go back and fill in some other units we have missed.

Her favourite time in history is Egypt, so in the future we will rediscover this ancient civilisation.

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