Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Last term we went to Questacon, in Canberra. Its a big Science Expo. Great place for kids. Heaps of levels, I think from memory around 7. Brid played for hours, and at the end we decided we would get a c uple of experimental type games.
This is an area I lack in schooling.
I can teach, cook, sew, garden, read, craft, but I really struggle with experiments, so we bought a microscope and an Electronics circuit.
Brilliant, this will be great.
Guess what, they sat in our lounge room for weeks, until the holidays.
We had sewed, quilted, cooked etc, etc, saw family & friends, but again we were not getting to these items.
I felt what a waste of money. And then the guilts starts, such waste when others cannot afford these things.
Anyway last week, I suggested we get the microscope out. She had forgotten about it, after all this time out of sight.
So finally we have looked at leaves, saliva, hair, algae, food etc etc under the scope with delighted squeals from an excited Brid. Any item could find, she would put under the scope. Even a snail trail.
Then I said, "Let's look at the circuit?"

Well that is Dermots' domain being an Electronics Engineer.
He had the time of his life explaining things, and doing experiments with Brid.
Now that's Science, on a whim, and heaps of fun doing it.
So today after all our lessons, Brid asked to go on kidshealth. She was on this sight for ages, doing all the quizzes playing the games. So would we be learning naturally, do you think?
I sorta think so.

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