Wednesday, 6 July 2011

memories...can you remember !!!!

I have wanted to write a post called memories for ages. Trouble was I needed some old photos. I then needed to scan them in to the computer.  I finally remembered to ask Mum for some photo albums. I can now scan to my hearts content. My memory posts can begin.

It was my favourite thing to do as a very young girl. Make mud pies.
There was always a never ending supply of dirt and water to make mud pies, under the house. I was probably all of 4.
I had made my mud pie and to be authentic, I would use mums’ good cooking tins. The anodized, brassy, gold colour ones. This one day I placed my masterpiece in the oven. I was pretending to let it cook. I got busy doing something else while waiting for the imaginary pie to be ready for my guests- my dolls.

This is what Mum has told me since:-My Mum came past and looked at the oven, through the glass door. To herself she said, “Oh I must have made dinner already, I will just turn it on”.
Ooops.  Mum came back to mud plopping and spluttering out of the tin in the oven. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was mid to late  afternoon and I know she was getting my little brother settled. I often played outside, when she was attending to my brother.
I don’t actually remember Mum turning the oven on, or the mess in the oven, but Mum has reminded me many times of my mud pies.  
So there you have it, my mud pies. So ladies watch your darlings and check wants in the oven before turning it on. I always have. And guess what, Mum did from that day on as well.
Yes this is me..playing outside
I will be back with another memory.


Vicky said...

That's funny, Leanne. Why is it that children love dirt so much?! We were the same when we were kids!:)

Sue Elvis said...

Leanne, I love your mud pie story. I've never found a mud pie in my oven. And you were such a cute little girl!

Leanne said...

Thanks kids have not been mud pie kids.., but tey have loved making pretend meals from the surrounding plants, flowers and dirt.