Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Grandparents and St Anne & St Joachim

Today is a special memorial day in our church liturgical calendar.
It was in the home of Joachim and Ann where the Virgin Mary received her training to be the Mother of God. Thus, devotion to Ann and Joachim is an extension of the affection Christians have always professed toward our Blessed Mother. We, too, owe a debt of gratitude to our parents for their help in our Christian formation.
I was trying to decide how best to celebrate this day for us as a family, in this modern world.  I decided I would ask Brid if she would write to her Grandparents. She would not only write but send them a photo of her with them. She also explained in her letter why she was sending it. As St Anne and St Joachim are Jesus grandparents, she wanted to do something special for them.

Today we will say our Chaplet to St Anne and I will honour my own Grandparents.
This is me with my Grandparents and tiddles the cat, when I was a baby


Sue Elvis said...

You have some great ideas, Leanne. And I love the photo!

Leanne said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks. cute isn't it. Mum & dad loved Brids' letter.
It really made the day more meaningful.