Sunday, 26 June 2011

She is so sweet...

We all like to have breakfast together and we encourage Brid to be dressed and ready for 8am. Late last week Brid was ready quite early, I commended her and hugged her Good Morning.
She had our local Christian radio station on and she was listening to every word the radio announcer said.
"Mum Dad Listen". Of course we did.
we heard " This song is for Leanne. Its her favourite song and how do I know that, because Brid, her daughter  requested it for her this morning."
I do love it and myimagination wonders to my daughters and our relationships with them, every time I hear it.
Thank you Brid, you are so sweet.


Sara said...

No probs Mum!

Therese said...

That is sweet. So what is your favourite song Leanne?

We have weekday masses at 9.00. I don't think I could get our children ready for 8.00 am.

Leanne said...

Therese, The link takes you to Cinderella by steven curtis chapman. I love it..He also wrote Butterfly kisses.

Sue Elvis said...

So good to talk to you this morning, Leanne. And thank you for telling me the longer version of this story while we were on the phone. I would have cried too!