Saturday, 16 July 2011

WYD reflection. Journey of the Cross & Icon 07

The Cross & Icon arrives at our church, very early in the morning- 1am.
We kept ourselves warm with a bonfire and BBQ from 11pm.

We have been talking a lot about WYD in Madrid and the ones in the future. These photos are of the young people in our dioceses and the places the Cross and Icon journeyed in 2007, with the Days in the Dioceses.
It was a very Blessed and special time.
I convinced our Priests to embrace the allocated transfer of the Cross and Icon- even if it was 2 in the morning- We stayed and waited with Cross & Icon as a community. We were surprised as to how many people attended Mass at this hour.
Fr awaits the Procession as Aboriginal Sacred ground is prepared.   

reflecting and touching the Cross

A very young Brid couldn't wait to be part of it.
Brid and The Icon of Our Lady

Kieran on the left, Kristie in yellow and Brid all carrying flags as the Cross and Icon journeyed through Newcastle Foreshore. I have just noticed our previous Bishop Michael in the background. 


Karna O'Dea said...

HI Leanne

We can remember ti coming through Canberra. I went with my mother to see to see it. Did you get one of those little wooden crosses as a token. Mine is till floating around in my wallet along with an infant of Prague medal

We are going down to the Pauline monastery near Berimma soon and if I remember the cross and icon went there for a while



Leanne said...

Hi Karna, thanks for stopping by.
Yes we do have a Cross, but I don't think it was as a token, it was so our diovesan youth could be sponsored to go to WYD sydney. thinking now, it was much larger than a pocket one. We use it on our wall and in our family alter.

It was a very exciting time. It was wonderful to be able to Have the honour of seeing touching and journeying with this Cross & Icon.
Looking forward to finding out where WYD will be next. Brid will be old enough to go.
God Bless,

Therese said...

It was a very special time when the cross and icon were here in Port Augusta. To think that the same cross and icon have all been all over the world evangelising people and sharing the gospel message is just so amazing.

Leanne said...

That was my point to my Assis. Parish Priest, It was a first, and we mat never get the opportunity to be that close again. Yes its quite mindblowing that it has been all over the world,and touched so many peoples lives. thanks for commenting.

Sue Elvis said...

Hi Leanne. When we were at St Dominic's at Flemington last Saturday for the confirmations, I noticed a WYD Cross and Icon trailer in the carpark. And I was amazed at the date on the side of the vehicle. A few years have passed and it only feels like months. We were fortunate as the Cross passed through Bowral on Saturday morning about the usual Mass time. We didn't have to get up in the early hours of the morning like you! Such great photos of your children. Thanks for the memories!

Leanne said...

you had the Cross & Icon pass through during the day. I think it was really fantastic to have it pass our way at night, the atmosphere was pretty amazing though.. looking forward to seeing where the next WYD will be.